Monday, June 02, 2008

God is good!

I am honestly not sure what this email would have been titled or how it would have gone until I talked to Shannon and Mike tonight. Shannon said isn't God good. I thought ok if she can say that after being in the hospital with her sweet little baby for 7 months then I can say that.

Sometimes all the doctor appts hit me really hard. Mike and I live our lives as though our children are true blessings, true miracles on loan to us from God. We try not to see their disabilities. Some days for me that's really hard. Especially days like today when our family is torn. Marlee Anne cried as she left with her daddy and Michala. She really wanted to go and be a helper but she didn't want to miss going to the doctor with Abe. Hopefully that will not happen often cause we have always done this as a "family unit" and that's how we work best.

They got to Shriners in South Carolina and Marlee Anne said DAD where's Michala's wheelchair. She said we have to go back home. He said oh no I will carry her. He forgot to get it out of the van. He drove mom's car and I picked her up to sit with Mary Elizabeth for me. Then he gets back home and the door is latched (we had to do that because Marlee Anne has a tendancy to sleep walk and will open the doors), he doesn't know it's latched and tears the sensor off the door. Something else happened too but I can't remember what. Not really the best of days.

Michala's appt went good. They want to look into getting her a prothesis again. They want us to wait a year and see if we can get better control over her seizures. Right now the hard seizures that she has knock her down. If she was standing and walking around it could really be dangerous. Since we have started going back to her neurologist in Huntsville we are hoping for better control.

I had my morning all planned out. I had some errands I needed to run while in Conyers and on the way to the doctor I realized I left the returns at home. Oh well! Great way to start the day.

Got to the peditrician and started crying when we weighed Abe. He has gained 5 oz. GOD IS GOOD! He does have an infection in both eyes. His tear ducts are under developed and it is causing them to clog and get infected. They did a culture and gave him eye drops. Just like Mary Elizabeth uses. Another connection to her?

All in all it was a challenging and wonderful day. We are blessed! Thanks so much for your prayers for safe travels and good visits.


Disney Scrapper said...

Just matter what. Love you my friend.

pandasmom said...

Remember also that you are all loved and prayed for constantly! Only God can give you the strength you need, and we give you our love and prayers.