Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cast off

Well the day is finally here. It didn't take as long as I thought it would. He was getting cold and scaring me so I just ripped those suckers off. Marlee Anne said mommie you are strong. LOL!!! I just cried when I saw his beautiful little feet. Thank you Dr. Ponseti, Maria & Joyce! Thank you God for blessing us with these wonderful people in our lives. Thanks to 7 amazing weeks in Iowa. I am so very thrilled with it all.

His legs are much skinner than I was expecting. I was hoping to start giving him his growth hormone injection each night in his thigh again. I think that will have to wait a little while.

He is now wearing his shoes and sound a sleep. I so hope that's a good sign. We wore him out. I hope that he will be comfortable in his shoes and not have a hard time with them.

Thanks so much for supporting us on this first part of our clubfoot journey. On to the next phase. I have attached some pictures of his precious little feet and in his new shoes. He now owns the most expensive pair of shoes in our family.


Kathy said...

God is AWESOME!! Truly amazing!! How sweet are those precious feet!!Your faith and strength is such an inspiration to me. You all are in my thoughts and prayers everyday.

Lks said...

Kelli - I am just so amazed at how different they look. They are so very precious!! God has truly blessed Dr. Ponsetti with a life-giving gift!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful little baby feet attached to such a beautiful little baby boy!!! It is unbelievable the progress that's been made in such a short time. Praise God!