Friday, June 20, 2008

Abe's surgery

Today we met with the anthesiaologist department at Scottish Rite. It took a long time to go over all of Abe's history. She said even with just one of those things they would not do his surgery at the day surgery center. It will be done in the hospital at Scottish Rite. We discussed his doctors all being at Egleston but she said they could contact them if they needed to. She said to pack a bag and plan to stay. However she is hoping that he is in and out of there and we will be home the same day.

We are waiting now to hear from the office about the date of his surgery. They also have to get in touch with Abe's endocrinologist to discuss him going so long without anything to eat. They are concerned about his sugar dropping.

I will let everyone know when they schedule his surgery. Thanks for your prayers!

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