Monday, January 05, 2009

Prayers again please!

Ya'll it's me AGAIN! I am feeling very anxious and nervous about Abe's surgery. I have never felt this way about any of his or the girl's surgeries. I have of course been nervous but not unsettled like this. Right before New Year's Abe and Mary Elizabeth's mitochondrial specialist left Emory. So there is no one there right now that we can find that knows about Abe's muscle biopsy. I just talked with Mo and she has calls in all over. If we do not have a resolution by the end of today Abe will not have his muscle biopsy tomorrow. It would be awful to have taken his tissue and having it sit at the Emory lab because no one knows how to process it. So my prayer request are to please pray that this gets settled by today and that I will have the peace about this that I know will come. Thank you so very much!

Tomorrow I will send emails from my phone as they take him back and all that. They will most likely be short and sweet so that they will hopefully make sense. Thanks so much for praying with us through all this.

Much love and appreciation!

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