Monday, January 19, 2009

I just need to share

Home from surgery before the bad seizures started back. Happy not to have that tube down his nose. Mommie's sweet sweet boy!

His sisters came to see him. Oh yes and see the bed. Yes thats the bed the nurse had me climb up in with him.

He smiled when I fed him the first time through his gtube. I guess I did ok.

Knew I would need a remember to see how far we have come and how much he has healed.

Right after surgery.

Miss Brenda doing gtube training with the baby.

Right before surgery.

A beautiful view out the window of the garden. Abe loves his daddy so much!

He had just gotten into his room. He looked so much better than I was expecting. His color looked really good.

I realized tonight it has been a few days since I emailed. My heart is full and I need to sort through some thoughts.

Going back to Abe's gtube surgery because it was kinda hard to write all I wanted to from my phone. Have a list of specific prayer request made so much of a difference. One reason was it broke down the prayers that were really needed. Our father says ask and He will answer. He did. I want to share with you specifically how they were answered.

Please pray for Abe's body to be prepared for the gtube placement and the muscle biopsy. I believe his body was ready for the gtube surgery but maybe not the muscle biopsy and that's why it was cancelled. I was nervous and never felt comfortable about the muscle biopsy being done how it was going to be done. God in His own time right at the last minute, the day before said ok it's not time.

Pray for the surgeon, along with all the doctors and nurses that will be providing care for Abe during the surgery and the following days. We could not have picked a more wonderful, loving and caring surgeon for Abe. Dr. Bhatia is truly amazing. The doctors that had him in his care we hand picked by God. God even had Aunt Dr. Helen doing a chest tube at 9:00 PM so she got to come up and see her little Abe. Such a blessing for us! The nurses were AMAZING!!!! The day nurse and tech we had for two days was great. She was the best release nurse we have ever had I think. She really helped with gtube questions.The one we had the first night was from neuro so I felt a peace about how things would be handled if he had a seizure. The gtube training nurse Brenda from the surgical team was great. You can see a picture of her on our blog teaching me with the gtube training baby.

Please pray that his body heals quickly and correctly without too much pain. This seemed to be the case and we were so very thankful.

Pray that this will help with so much more than we realize. It has already made life easier because he does not pull it out everyday making me put it back in.

Pray that his seizures will be non-existent as he recovers. His seizures were minimal and nothing compared to his previous surgey.

Pray he is able to come out of the anethesia easily and off oxygen. He came out of the anethesia beautifully! He still hasn't come off the oxygen.

Pray that we will allow God to minister through us to the families, children, doctors and nurses that we come in contact during all this. Pray that His grace, love and mercy shines through us. This is one of those things we continually hope for but sometimes never know or see it.

Please pray for the girls as Abe & I are away. Pray that Mary Elizabeth will eat and stay well and strong. Pray that Michala will have a hedge of protection from her seizures during this time. Pray for Marlee Anne's sweet heart, that she will stay strong, be a helper and not be sad while we are gone. Pray she stays busy and the time passes by quickly for all of us. Please pray for Mike, his tender heart, that he will have the strength and patience he needs to take care of the girls and work while we are gone. Pray for everyone that graces our doorstep and blesses our family during this time. Pray that the schedule of people keeping the girls during this time falls into place. Pray that it all goes smoothly. Pray that our home is surrounded by angels and protected from satan so that stress doesn't cause discord between now and then. Well what can I say, God definitely answered prayers here. We are so very thankful for family and friends willing to love our girls in a time of need. Mike even brought all three of the girls up to see us. There will be a picture on the blog of them coming to visit if I don't get to send it through the email.

Pray that our marriage and family will once again grow stronger as we join together as a family and allow God to guide us through this. I am amazed by God's power as I see Him working through us, through our individual lives and as a family. I am thankful that He sees the perfect picture that he has formed. I am thankful that because of Him the pieces fit perfectly.

Thank ya'll so very much for your prayers. OK on to the next prayers. You know that I could not end this without asking for more. Our precious little baby is stuggling. Please pray for complete healing. As I ask you to pray for this I am believing it can happen. I know that God's timing is not our timing. I know that this journey here is only a blink of an eye. I know that He is preparing us for our home. I know that He has lent us Abe as part of His perfect plan. He has chosen us to take care of His precious little one until He calls him home. It is my prayer that Mike and I along with Abe's doctors and Mo make the right decisions about medicines for Abe. His precious little body has blocked out our little one. Good days to me mean that Abe is there. He is alert, looking around, knowing that we are there with him. For the past week Abe has not been there but only briefly. For the past few days Abe has not been there at all. He is drugged and out of it or when he is awake he is having seizures non-stop. I want his body to have some relief, a day without seizures, ok half day, an hour awake without a seizure. I know I have said this before but I do not think I am asking for a lot. I know without a doubt that when Mary Elizabeth gets to those pearly gates she will run through them. Her heavenly father will be the first one to hear the precious sound of her voice. Michala will NEVER ever have another seizure. Her heavenly father is sure to be prepared for her sassy reply as she walks, yes walks on those TWO beautiful long legs of hers through those pearly gates as she says it's about time or what took so long. I am not asking for that here in our temporary home. Right now I am asking for some relief for my baby RIGHT NOW. Just right now.

Over the past few days I have been deemed a hero by three very special people in my lives, all of which have endured more than they should ever have to endure in their lives and they have called me their hero. One of the definitions of a hero is one that shows great courage. That's not me. It's my children that are so willingly fighting this fight to live. I am sure it's not easy for them. To borrow words from my sweet friend I know I have loved them into surviving. It's not me that's the hero it's them.

All God ask of us is to become more and more like Him. It's not an easy feat especially for me. I try. I want to be but I know that's not enough. It's like if you didn't eat or drink and you I am not going to go without those. Well days when I don't think I have the time to spend time with God in His word, on my knees and at His feet I get knocked down to my knees quite frequently. Then I look at my children and I see how perfect they are. They are everything God wants me to be. Mary Elizabeth, Michala and Abe know without a doubt that I will be here for them. They know that I will literally carry them wherever they need to go. I will provide for their every need. They don't doubt, they don't question, the trust and believe with all their heart that I will always be there for them. Sounds easy. Sounds simple. Then why is it so hard for me to do that. Why is it so hard for me to trust God fully. I am getting there. Each day God is working on me. It hurts too cause I am not in a very moldable place at the moment. I have got some pebbles, rocks and maybe even a few stones that are hindering me from allowing God to mold me.

OK so once again I rambled and made this a lot longer than I should but my heart feels good. I love getting all the jumbled stuff straightened out and the negativeness out completely so that God can fill it with His blessings. I am ready for it to overflow with God's goodness.

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for seeing God answer those prayers.

With grateful love,

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I am so enjoying the pictures of your precious family! Please know you, Mike and your babes are in my daily prayers. I am so glad this Gtube issue is behind you. One less thing for you and Abe to endure.