Friday, January 23, 2009

I'll take it!

Ok for some reason the email I wrote yesterday about God being good didn't go through until this morning even though it was written yesterday. So now I have more to share. Ya'll get the blunt of my oh whoa is me emails so here is some praises to share with people in our life that praise (taken from Carrie). I hope that like my dear friend Mary Jane ya'll can hear and feel the excitement in my words. I hope ya'll can read my joy that came from God because I trust He has my baby in His arms and He would lead us in the right direction with this.

Well food means A LOT to me! It's a real comfort. I so wish it wasn't but I love it. Especially if it's good food. Well last night I got a phone call and Uncle Papa was cooking for me. Well probably not just me but it couldn't been for just me the way it made me feel. I was so excited and enjoyed every bite of it. YUM!!! I was ready to take on a new night.

Well around 1:30 this morning I noticed Abe's oxygen level was 99. He usually, well as of late hovers around 93. Still throughout the night he was having seizures. Not the screaming ones thankfully. Oh and last night when I picked him up he was solid and held his on body more. It shocked me. I thought it was just in my mind. I took him to Mike and said feel him. He held him and was suprised too. I didn't tell him what I was thinking and he thought it immediately. His muscle tone was better. This morning he is babbling and squealing away in between his seizures. YES I'll take it!!!

I prayed that God would give me a breather. Some good moment with him in the middle of all these seizures. Thank you God. Thank you to the "special" lunch time prayers that went up for us yesterday. Thank you!!! Thanks everyone for all the prayers.

I don't know if it's the Keto diet already. I will check his ketones this morning to see. I have a feeling it's the vigabatrin because I increased it again. Whatever it is I'll take it and I am determined not to look back and say why didn't we increase vigabatrin before now. OK I said it then and I am sure I might say it again but I will not dwell on it cause I can't change the past.

OK gotta go and mix up more keto drink for my precious little boy God has loaned me for a little while. I hope that your day is over flowing with God's blessings. Watch out for that special blessing that God is sending your way. Don't miss it!!!

Thanks again for all the prayers!!!

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Audra Puckett said...

Kelli, I have been wanting to call you but I keep forgetting my cell phone at home-:(. I will call and catch up with you tomorrow, tell Marlee Anne hello from the boys and the girls. Love to you,