Tuesday, May 11, 2010

With a humble heart!

I know that my Mike wanted me to share that article. It's not that I do not want our story shared. I do! I want to know that my children's lives are not in vain. I want others to know what true blessings each of them are.
When they walked in our home to do the article on me my first question was why me. I could give them a list a mile long of mothers that are wonderful in my eyes.
As I tried to convey through the article I am a mother doing what any mother & other mothers do every day. Our challenges & activities are just a little different. I am not saying it's not tough some days. It is. But show me a mother that can't say they have tough days.
I am thankful for my husband that thinks I am a wonderful mom. It is my prayer that my children think that. It's my prayer daily that they know without a doubt that I love them.
Thanks to all of you that I have commented and shared the article with others. I am humbled that I was chosen by God to be the mother of four of His most amazing creations. I am honored to give Him all the glory!

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Ann Warren said...

Girl you are a awesome Mom,friend and Women!!! My wish is that I could be 1/10 like you!!!

Love, Ann Warren