Monday, May 24, 2010

little Ricky got his wings

Our sweet little friend Ricky has won the ultimate prize. He is in the arms of Jesus & no longer in pain. Typing that sounds good but my heart hurts especially for his sweet mama Shelli. I haven't told Marlee Anne yet. My heart is not ready for that yet. This cancer journey that God allowed us to venture into was not one I would have chosen. However the closeness we feel with the other families is one that we never would have experienced. The joys we celebrate with each other are truly amazing. The sadness & loss in unspeakable. We have lost many dear friends during this journey. Each one of them have taught me so very much. Their lives were not in vain. They each truly had a purpose. Just like little Ricky did in his short years on this earth. He is truly our Superman. Please keep Ricky's family & friends in your prayers!

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