Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Disney trip day 1

Thursday morning around 5 we left for Disney World. We had planned this trip last year for Mary Elizabeth's 17th birthday & Marlee Anne's 8th birthday.
We had a wonderful drive down. We got to The Contemporary & were shocked that our room was ready. We could not have asked for a more perfect room. Ground floor with sliding glass door that opened right out to the pool with the beach just to our right. I told Mike for them to have a great time at the parks I was staying there the whole time. It was the first time ever going to Disney that I was not anxious to get to the parks. It was absolutely lovely & so very peaceful.
While I was unpacking & letting everyone stretch out, Mike & Marlee Anne headed for the waterslide right outside our door. It was very neat to get everything done & get to watch them.
When they got done they went upstairs for a snack. My friend Sue had told me about a dulche de leche cupcake. Mike saw it but said I could go back that night and get one on our way back from the park. He got us a black forest one to try. It was really good.
Then we headed over to Studios to see Aunt Nay. Here comes Aunt Nay, John, Amy & we got to meet Stephanie. We always love making a new Disney friend. It was so wonderful to see the others. We were so glad to be there.
We told Marlee Anne that she could do whatever she wanted to on this trip. Every Disney trip Mary Elizabeth, Michala & Abe are quite spoiled along with Marlee Anne. However this trip we really wanted Marlee Anne to choose. She had put lots of thought into this as had our Disney friends. It was such a special time for her & for us! I think sometimes we let her get lost in all the daily challenges of life. This special time just for her was really great! Thanks to our special Disney friends cause without ya'll this wouldn't have happened! Marlee Anne's motto now is if it's Disney Aunt Nay can make it happen!
She wanted to ride Star Tours first. Ya'll need to remember she is so her daddy's child sometimes. This trip really showed it at times. Mike, Michala & Marlee Anne rode it while I fed Abe & Mary Elizabeth sang to us. She was so excited to be able to be outside. When they came back they were laughing so hard. They are still laughing at Michala's expressions on the ride. I hate that I missed that!
We had already planned to go to Magic Kingdom for late night so we headed out to go back to the Contemporary. We parked & then walked over to the Contemporary. It was so funny because later that night checking my messages Josephine had said to make sure to take that nice walk. It was indeed to wonderful!!!
The park wasn't too crowded even though there were two Spectromagic parades that night. We ate at Casey's before heading over to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Mike & Marlee Anne rode that. I sent a text to my friend Angie while we were waiting. They were in the park but about to head out. We decided we would try again later to meet up. Next was Pirates of the Caribbean for all of us. When Mike picked Michala up to get on the ride she was soaked. Back in the wheelchair & out the back way.
Michala always seems to get new clothes at Disney some how or another. We went to baby changing to get her cleaned up & I was off to get her some shorts.
Oh & I should back track for those of you that didn't read it on facebook. If you have a child that only has one leg make sure you pack the right shoe. I did not! I went to put her shoe on her to go to the park & it wouldn't fit. Yes I went as far as trying it on. We donate her other shoe to the shoe swap for other children that only have the other foot. These were new & I had not sent off the other shoe. I just saw it, grabbed it & packed it. I didn't say a word to Mike & asked him to put her shoe on her. He picked the shoe up & looked at me. He knew right away without even trying it on. My excuse is he gets a little more sleep than I do.
OK so we get Michala all cleaned up. I tell Marlee Anne she can pick anything in the park to do. She picks The Hall of Presidents. Yes I said Hall of Presidents. WHOSE child is this? No doubt her daddy's! I have to say that it was really good. We all really enjoyed it.
Afterwards she wanted to ride Haunted Mansion. Turned out to be perfect timing because I could do everyone's meds while she & Mike did the ride. Plus it was time for the fireworks. Marlee Anne hates the loud noise & Michala loves it. We couldn't flush the toilet in the resort without her having a startle seizure but the fireworks she loves! Got done with meds just as the fireworks were over & they were off the ride.
We decided to get in one more ride before heading out. Buzz Lightyear it was. However on the way we had to pass the Indy Speedway & Marlee Anne really wanted to do that. That ended up being the last ride.
We got out of the park just before the last Spectromagic parade started. We took the nice walk back to the Contemporary. I stopped by the food court to get my cupcake & they were sold out. I was bummed but knew I had a few more days to try to get one.

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