Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Disney trip day 2

We headed over to Studios & this morning was greeted by Aunt Nay & John. John was so proud that he had us fast passes for Toy Story Mania later that day. John didn't know about our guest assistance cards. He was so cute as always!
We already knew our Woody was there today so we headed over to see him first. At least that's what we thought we were doing. We got to the Power Rangers first & my not at all girly girl wanted to see them of course. She saw the red & yellow one first then the blue one. By the time we got up there to see the blue one he was being called to the car. He quickly told them to wait & saw Marlee Anne. She was very excited!
We went over to where Woody used to be. Now he is across from the Toy Story Mania ride. Mater & Lightening McQueen is where he used to be. We decided we would see them & see Woody a little later. After we got pictures with Cars we saw the pink & green power rangers. We were all getting a little hungry so we decided Pizza Planet would be a good spot. Just as we were about to eat we got the famous call from Woody. He told us his hours & also where to sit for the parade.
Jessie was near Pizza Planet so we got pictures with her & also the green army men. After they left Bolt came out. This was his first week to appear so it was exciting to get pictures with him.
They have these new to us spraying fire hydrants. They were really fun to play around with & take pictures. It was time to head over to see Woody. They have a wonderful set up now with Woody & Buzz inside across from the ride. We were taken in the back door to see them. Woody jumped up & down & told everyone these were his friends. Every now & then in life something reminds me that there are some amazing people in this world that love my children for who they are. Woody made each of them smile that day along with making Mike & I smile. I know that's hard for some people to understand but some of you understand the full importance of that moment. It reconfirms why Disney is so special to us. To see our children being treated how the rest of the world should treat them means to much to me. Not special back door treatment but being treated that just because they cannot speak or walk doesn't mean they are any less important than anyone else. I know that Woody saw the love & thanks in their smiles that day. I know that his heart was touched! We had an amazing photo session with he & Buzz. Mike said something cute to Buzz & now I cannot remember what that was. I am putting this here so he will read it & remind me of what it was.
We still had a little bit of time before meeting the gang to ride Toy Story so we went back to see Mike & Sulley from Monsters Inc. While waiting to see them I got a text from Aunt Nay wanted to know if the 2 or 4 show of Beauty & The Beast was better for us. We had to at our parade spot at 2:30 so we chose 4. Mike & Sulley were really cute & always lots of fun.
Abe bought me a surprise. A Kermit the Frog magnet. LOVE frogs & especially Kermit. He also bought me a new Disney window book that I had never seen before. We usually don't buy souvenirs unless something just really hits us. Well this trip the most wonderful t-shirt hit me. It's white with black ringers with a black & white picture of Main Street with Walt & the only color is Mickey standing with Walt. Beautiful! I also found a ring that I could not do without!
Time to go meet everyone for the ride. We are so excited for them to be riding with us. Marlee Anne had already picked Nevada to ride with her but as soon as they walked up she picked John. Too funny! Immediately they started strategizing about how they were going to beat everyone. They did win!
We had a few minutes before we had to get to the parade so we went to Animation to see the characters. Marlee Anne saw The Incredibles. We went to see the making of Toy Story 3 which was really cool. Then we saw an artist actually drawing at her desk. Really awesome to see their work in progress.
Got to our spots for the parade & the family beside us was also there to see Woody. We love this parade because it's so much fun. Having Woody there playing with us was so much fun. They ask children out to dance with them & Woody motioned for me. I thought he was asking me to come dance & I said no. He was actually asking me to move so he could get up on the sidewalk with Mary Elizabeth, Michala & Abe. They were so excited & loved that!  After we got some pictures & he got done playing with them he went back out to the street to dance with Marlee Anne some more. What an awesome time! Our friend Amy got to enjoy it with us too & made it even more special.
Next we went to Beauty & The Beast. I love this show any way but our Beast was there that day so I knew it would really get me. We had to check in at the umbrella & Marlee Anne was given her special birthday princess instructions. The show was wonderful & at the end Marlee Anne went up to the stage & was given a rose by Belle & Prince Adam. After the show we were asked to wait for a surprise. I heard a voice & it was Zak. How awesome! We haven't seen him in so long. It was really good to see him. We thought that was our surprise & the cast member said ok we are ready for you. We went back stage and met the cast & had pictures. Very nice surprise from Zak.
We had planned to go over to Epcot to eat at 9 dragons with Aunt Nay. However it was booked. We know to book ressies ahead of time but we weren't sure what time would work for her. Right after meeting her over there Mike accidently hit Marlee Anne's sore on her foot & it bled & bled. We were at guest relations & the nicest CM from Tennessee came to her rescue. She had been wanting a squirt bottle for the past two days but I wouldn't buy her one because she had one at home that she was supposed to remember to pack. So any way this CM didn't know that but he brought her one. Made her day! We went to first aid & got her all taken care of.
We ended up eating at the Lotus Blossom which was very good. Once again Michala wet everything! Luckily I had extra shorts for her this time. Marlee Anne was so excited Aunt Nay was going to hang around with us for late night at Epcot. We had the best time riding rides with her. Test Track & Soaring. Marlee Anne even got her to ride Mission Space for the very first time. The Flower & Garden show was unbelievable. We went through the butterfly house & the fairy garden. I cannot wait to share those pictures with ya'll.
We hopped on the monorail & headed back to our room. It was such an emotional day with so many wonderful & happy moments.

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