Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Disney last day

Marlee Anne wanted to go to Animal Kingdom today. As soon as we walked outside we knew it was going to be HOT. It's nice how God always says ok it's time to go home. It's too hot, too cold or too rainy for ya'll to be here. This is definitely what he said this day.
We got to Studios to see Aunt Nay & we got to see John too! Always a treat. We didn't stay & headed right over to Animal Kingdom.
We went straight back to the safari. We had a wonderful guide. Sitting right behind us was a lovely family from Ft. Walton Beach. There son had Cerebral Palsy. Their daughter was a little younger than Marlee Anne. The mom was asking how Marlee Anne does with her sibling. The mom said she had some concerns about her daughter resenting her brother someday. I told her it's a concern of mine. I told her that we keep that line of communications open so that Marlee Anne can share any feelings with us at anytime so we hopefully don't run into that.
After the safari we told Marlee Anne she could choose one more thing. It was already 89 degrees & getting hotter by the minute. They were struggling with the heat. She chose to see Mickey since we hadn't seen him that trip. As we were walking up to see him we spotted Thumper. She was so cute! I hope she is a girl. Marlee Anne was excited to tell Thumper that she has a bunny named after her. She explained it was Flower but she changed it's name to Thumper. Thumper was very excited!!!
As we were waiting in line the CM made the announcement that since it's so hot the characters had to take a 5 minute break every so often to cool off. It was Mickey's 5 minute break. When we got up there to see Mickey there was a wonderful CM there named Bill. We had met him on a previous trip. He was very disappointed that we waited in line. He was going to get a manager to get us a guest assistance card. We told him we had one. He said well please use it & do not make your children wait in this heat.
We got to see Mickey & the photopass photographer was wonderful. She seconded Bill about not waiting. Bill asked Mickey to please pick 4 pins from his lanyard to give to each one of the children. Mickey was as excited as the children were. So was Bill. As we were leaving Bill went over, hugged Mike & told him bless you. All of that took less than 5 minutes but it made a huge difference in our lives.
We left the park & headed to Studios to pick up goodies & say our goodbyes to Aunt Nay & John. It's hard leaving them! We had a great drive back home. Got in & got settled to start the week.
Hope you enjoyed our trip.I will share pictures soon. I took over 600 so I will be sure to pick & choose.

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