Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Disney Day 3

OK ya'll I left out a really important part of yesterday. While Mike ran to the room to drop some stuff off we went up to the food court. Well low & behold there was a big beautiful cupcake. Yes I took a picture of it! I sat down & offered Marlee Anne a bite but she didn't want it. I proceeded to enjoy the most wonderful cupcake I have ever had in my life. It was the most delicious yellow cake with caramel oozing out of the inside & the most delicious caramel icing on top. Almost as good as Miss Indie Crawford's & Miss Mildred Pratt's homemade caramel icing. Mike walked up & asked was it worth. He meant sugar & calorie wise. I immediately said oh yes! He got one too. The CM walked over & said that didn't last long. Talking about mine. Then he looked & Mike was done with his. He couldn't believe it. Ya'll take my word for it or better yet plan a trip to The Contermporary to get one. YUM!!!
OK so it's Saturday morning & I am wondering how this day will be anywhere near as wonderful as yesterday. We head over to Studios after Mike checks to see if they have the cupcakes out yet. Sadly they're not! OK we don't typical laugh at people but this could not be helped! While waiting at the gate for Aunt Nay we love to people watch. We guess where they are from & what the are celebrating, who wants to be here & who doesn't & so on. Well as we are people watching that morning there is a family of 4. Mom, Dad, & 2 daughters. Nicely dressed, nice looking family. Well all of a sudden dad breaks out in morning calisthenics. Right there in the middle of all the people coming in. The oldest daughter bust out laughing & we do too. However soon we realize he is not joking he is very serious about this. He is warming up like he is about to run a marathon. I guess to some a day at Disney can be considered that. He is stretching all kinds of ways. He holds on to his daughter's shoulder as he does his hamstring stretches. It is really too much to take watching him & Mike commentating. The mom is kinda looking around like no my husband is not doing this right here. Daughters are still laughing. People are walking way around them. Well Mike says I hope De comes so he can help them. De used to do character warm-ups so he would be a great help. Well comin around the corner with Aunt Nay is De. By the time they get to us Mike & I are laughing so hard. It was a wonderful start to our day. It was awesome to see De too.
Marlee Anne had already decided she wanted to do the Backlot Tour that morning. It had been several years since we had been on it & she didn't remember it. It was a lot of fun & we all really enjoyed it. That was all we did there & we headed back to the room. I was going to stay with everyone in the room while Mike & Marlee Anne did some of the stuff at the Flower & Garden Show at Epcot. They sent me pictures throughout the day so I could see all the neat stuff they were doing.
The night before Abe had a terrible accident so the sheets & comforter had to be changed. When Mousekeeping came she was amazing! Her name was Linda & we quickly got to know each other. She shared about her children & how she got to Disney. She was a very sweet lady & I really enjoyed our time together. I picked up all the trash & did all I could to help out because she wouldn't let me change the sheets. She took time with each of the children. They enjoyed that special attention.
After she left I got everyone fed. We ordered room service which was such a treat. It was really good too. Everyone was settled for a nap I thought. HA! Michala had other plans & did not want to sleep. In a little while there was a knock at the door. I knew it was too early for them to be back from the park. When I opened the door there was Linda holding 4 precious Disney stuffed animals. She had tears in her eyes as she handed them to me & said one for each of your precious children. Disney magic I tell you. Yes I cried!
When Mike & Marlee Anne got back she & I went out to the pool. Sitting in the chair watching her got me quite emotional. As I watched her I thought it shouldn't be this way with me out here & Mike inside with the other 3. My 17 year old Mary Elizabeth should be lying beside me in the lounge chair while the other are out swimming together. Every now & then I do long for things to be different for them.
After awhile it was time to get ready to go back to the park. I wanted to go to Epcot to take some pictures. Marlee Anne wanted to show me the neat Eco playground they had there. It was too cool! We loved it! As we walked around The World Showcase I took pictures of all the luminaries. Marlee Anne wanted to do the Bee Scavenger Hunt but none of the CMs knew anything about it. It was on The Flower & Garden show flyer but no signs of it. Not sure what happened with that.
We made it to Japan & Marlee Anne decided she wanted sushi again. She & Mike had eaten that for lunch but she wanted it again. I just wanted a Koki Gori. As we were waiting for Mike to get her sushi I checked my emails. BIG mistake. One of Michala's Aicardi sisters passed away. She was one of the first girls we had ever met. I was heartbroken. It was so very sad! Even in The Happiest Place on Earth the sadness of the world can creep in at times. While Marlee Anne was finishing her sushi Mike went to get my Koki Gori. I got cherry which is either new or I didn't know they had it. It was so good. I was nice & shared with Michala & Marlee Anne.
Fran Cosmo from Boston was there in concert. It was nice to hear some of the songs we knew. We headed on around The World Showcase & finished taking pictures. The flowers, topiaries, bonsai & all were just breathtaking. It was about time for Illuminations & Marlee Anne was getting anxious about the fireworks starting so we headed on out of the park. It was nice to get back to the room to get packed up before it got too late.

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