Saturday, March 27, 2010

No Matter What Happens

Almost 17 years to the day I was sitting at Julia A. Porter listening to our dear friends The Johnson Brothers sing. As I sat there having contractions we just knew Mary Elizabeth would be born any minute. Jason dedicated the song No Matter What Happens to me because it was & still is my favorite song. Little did we know that song would become the theme for our lives.
Mike & I try so hard to be strong but the ways of the world wear on us. Sometimes I so wish we could leave & only have our family of 6 to deal with. Instead God intends for us to use ourselves & our family to His glory. We are not perfect & are actually a long way from it. We do however try each day to live our life for Him.
Each day I sing this song at least once. It's the name of our blog & will be the title of my book. So many people have asked why. I asked John to fix it where I could have it on my phone. He sent it to me Friday afternoon. While playing it for Mike, Marlee Anne said mom that's the song you always sing. So now I would like to share it with ya'll.
It's a beautiful song that means so much to Mike & I. It has reminded us why we continue this fight for our children & why we give God the praise.
Thank you Jason, Jeff & John Johnson for your lives, your friendship, your love & your prayers. Thank you for this beautiful song that has carried us through some rough days in the past 17 years. It has also been there with us through more often some awesome days!
With thankful hearts!
Mike & Kelli

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