Monday, March 08, 2010

more appts

I honestly wanted to title this email more crap. However my mom taught me that wasn't a nice word. So instead it's more appts. Any way you get the idea or you will after this email. I apologize in advance for the tired, stressed, shortness that I am trying to keep contained. I don't like feeling this way and have been working & praying hard to get my positive spirit back. Satan is working overtime & knows just the right buttons to push. This too shall pass!
Tomorrow Abe has to go to Emory for an ERG. Electroretinography (ERG) is an eye test used to detect abnormal function of the retina (the light-detecting portion of the eye). Doesn't sound too bad right?! Well I still have nightmares of when Michala had it done when she was a baby. I said ok about having it done with the agreement that if Abe has a hard time with it I can request them to stop at any time. I agree with Mike & Dr. Lipsky that it's great to have the info if it can be obtained easily. Please pray that it's not stressful on Abe or us for that matter. It can take any where from 2-4 hours by the time they get his eyes dilated & do the numbing drops.
After that we have to go over to Egleston for a blood gas draw to see how his CO2 is. Please pray that it has gone down. We hope to get an appt with pulmonology soon so that we can get this resolved.
Thursday Abe is scheduled for an MRI. Easy enough if it wasn't for his need for supplemental oxygen. Because of that he cannot be sedated. He will have to go through day surgery and have general anesthesia. I have filled out his precertification for surgery so hopefully we won't have to have another day for precert in the hospital.
I realize none of this is terrible & it all could be worse but it's my baby. My heart hurts to watch him endure all this. However I know it needs to be done. All this leads me to another topic for another day.
Thanks so much for your continued prayers & support.


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Kellie & Mike,

I am praying that today, Thursday, will be a good day for you all and that all the tests your precious babies (and you) have had to endure will be beneficial. Praying for a safe trip to the hospital and back home.