Tuesday, August 26, 2008


For the past week and a half Abe has been screaming from midnight to 5 AM. Colic - well that's what I thought. HIs peditrician said no problem not at this late in the game so if it continued let's check him. Went in Thursday and she checked him. She gave me some formula to try. We are still supplementing some. She thought maybe he has developed a lactose intolerance. She also wants him to have a stomach x-ray. He has continue to cry and Sunday morning started running a fever. The fever went away but I took him in today to be checked. She is still concerned about his stomach.

His x-ray will be done Wednesday at Egleston. Are any of ya'll working Wednesday? If so we will try to run up and see ya'll depending on how long it takes to get the x-ray done. We have to be at Meridian Mark to meet with the urologist at 3:30.

On a wonderful note he gained weight! We were all so excited in the doctor's office. He gained 7 oz in 2 weeks. WOOHOO!!!

Marlee Anne is doing good. Studying hard every day. She is such a huge help to me. I have to remind myself each day that she is 6 and I should let her be a 6 year old. The other day I got upset with her. I had to stop and ask God to change my heart and remind me once again she is a little girl. Not a grown up that should have to be faced with all she is faced with. That night when I went to "bed" she had put a drawing there that she had made for me. I started crying and she came to me. I told her thank you and she said I just wanted you to feel better and not be sad. She is so good and we are blessed!

Michala! Say her name and it says it all. LOL!!! She is not liking this stormy weather. Her seizures are horrible, she is whinning and screaming. Nothing makes her happy lately. I do have to share this with ya'll though. I am amazed at how her little mind works sometimes. This afternoon I was desperate to find something that would help her feel better. I couldn't hold her because I was about to feed Abe. I fixed her a bottle. A very special treat we don't do that often since she drinks from a sippy cup. She was so excited. Well when she finished it she started hitting the bottle on different things. She went to the refrigerator with the bottle in her hand and hit different things to hear different noises. She hit a plastic picture frame on there. I guess she like that sound. She took the frame off the refrigerator, put it on the floor and started hitting it with the bottle. Then she pick the frame up and hit it against the side of the bottle. It was so neat to sit back and watch how she tried different things to get the different sounds.

Mary Elizabeth - my angel girl. She is doing good. Staying up all night and sleeping during the day. She does that worse than other times. Getting those days and nights mixed up. We have to get Abe used to her talking though. When she "talks" or "sings" real loud Abe cries. He hasn't figured out it's her yet I don't think.

Mike is doing good. He played with the girls all day Saturday so I could go crop. Then Sunday he took Michala and Marlee Anne to play putt putt. The weather ended up getting bad but at least they got to get out and have fun together.

I had a wonderful day Saturday cropping. Some friends from Mike's office, two sisters of theirs, two of my cropping buddies, an old friend from school (Terri, it was Donna), a friend from school I didn't remember (still got to look that up) and my sweet sweet cousin all rented a scrapbooking cabin for the weekend
http://www.ratliffsretreat.com/ . Tracey won a 50% off coupon at Abe's fundraising crop. She invited me to come down Saturday to crop with them. I took Abe with me and no worries there because there was always someone willing to take care of him. We had a wonderful homemade lunch and supper. I got several things accomplished and best of all I had a terrific time laughing and fellowshiping with them. It was a much welcomed time. Thanks ya'll!!!

OK I guess that's it for now. Prayers for Wednesday's x-ray and doctor's appt for Abe please. Also Mary Elizabeth, Marlee Anne and Abe go for a check up and shots on Thursday. I know I am crazy for doing 3 at once but oh well.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers!!!

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