Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lately I have been asking God WHY a lot. Yes I have heard you are not supposed to do that but God knows me, He knows my heart, He knows I wonder and have questions so why not ask.

I have been wanting to update the blog and different whys kept coming to mind. I wanted to share these pictures with ya'll so I thought I would share this WHY. There are many reasons WHY I love this man so much. We are coming up on our 22nd wedding anniversary. Have each of them been rosie? NOPE! NO WAY!!! There have been tough days. Thankfully the laughs, hugs, smiles and kisses have overtaken those tough days.

Thankfully when the case worker told us over 15 years ago, after Mary Elizabeth was born that we had a 50% chance of our marriage not making it because of her challenges we stood strong and vowed that we would show her. Thankfully we said well we will take that 50% chance that we do have of making it and run with it. Then when Michala was born another case worker came in and told us our chances of making it were even less. Again when Michala was diagnosed with cancer they came in and warned us. Someone forgot they should have warned us what a challenge a typical child was going to be. LOL!!! OK so you know what happened when Abe was born. I thought oh no here we go again.

Now do not get me wrong it's still not a bed of roses but I wouldn't take anything in the world for the man God blessed me with. I say everyday that our marriage is proof God knows what he is doing. I hope the fact that Mike hasn't walked out on us shows you just what kind of man he is. I know some days it would be easy to walk away but his heart won't let him. He loves us too much. I will share that in a little while. He has a tender heart but a strong one.

OK ya'll may get bored with me this week so I will just post these messages on our blog. I want to share the many reasons why I love this man. These pictures tell it all about the first reason that I love him so. Daddy and his little man. Mike loves this little boy so very much.

I am sure I have shared this before but after Mary Elizabeth was diagnosed and we were told all the things she wouldn't be able to do I grieved. I cried for the little girl I lost. I wanted her to take dance classes. I wanted to walk with her to the school bus that first day of school. I wanted to see her daddy walk her down the isle on her wedding day. All those things were gone. Little did I know the rare blessings He had in store for me with that precious little girl. I cry for Mike because I know the hopes and dreams he had for his little boy. He still has hopes and dreams for him. They have just changed a little bit at least for the time being.

Our focus and prayers have changed. As they have our love for each other has grown. We live a little lighter, laugh a little harder, and love a little deeper.

For today I am thankful for this man in my life. This man who gives until he has no more to give. This man that ask for nothing. This man that with one touch can make me sigh, with one look can make me smile, with one word can make me laugh and with one minute with our children can make me cry.

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