Friday, August 29, 2008

Another long update

I have to admit to avoiding updates lately. I should do better so that they don't end up being so long.

I have to start this by saying we got a phone call and Abe's stomach x-ray was clear. PRAISE GOD!!! I am hanging on good news these days.

Well Wednesday morning I got a phone call from our friend Lynda. She is Mary Elizabeth & Michala's physical therapist. She was letting me know she had all day available if I needed her. She could sit with the girls, go to the doctor with us or whatever. Gotta love those kinds of offers. I told her I would let Tracy know and if she needed her she could call her. Lynda called back and said what if I come now while you are getting ready. Sounds great. Well she walks in with a crock pot and all kinds of food. She was going to cook supper for us to have when we got back home. What a blessing!

Lynda is there just in time to feed Michala while I feed Mary Elizabeth. Abe is being a good boy and sleeping. Lynda even helps Marlee Anne with her school work so that will be done before Tracy gets there.

Tracy gets there and goes over stuff for the day. Then Mike walks in and we head out.

We get to Egleston and go right back for his x-ray. Hardly any wait. He is such a big boy and does great with his x-ray. We have time to eat real quick before heading to Scottish Rite. We stop by the cafeteria but for some reason floods of memories come back and I couldn't stomach it. It was the stranger feeling. On the way out we run into Miss Frankie. It was great to see her.

We get to the doctors office and get called right back. I didn't even have time to fill out the papers. He comes right in. He is almost sure he felt Abe's testicle. He wants to do surgery before he is 1 year old. We will schedule that soon. If he is able to move it down he will. If not he will remove it. It just can't sit there because it's a higher risk for tumor/cancer. It was a very good appt and we both liked the doctor.

We head home and every one has done great! We get everyone's night meds and try to settle down to start again the next morning.

I get up in plenty of time to get everything done and everyone ready without having to rush too much. Mom is coming to stay with Michala so I get her fed and change her. When I go to put her new diaper on I rip the tape completely off of it. OK now sweat that's not how my day is going to go. WRONG!!!

OK next time I say I am making appts for 3 of my children to have check ups and shots all at the same time PLEASE tell me no. This was one of the craziest oh yeah I can do it moments I have had in a while.

We had made a thank you basket to take to the doctors office. I could not have made it through these past 14 years (Mary Elizabeth had Dr. Ross as her peditrician until she moved) without this wonderful peditrician and her amazing staff. Well I get everything in the van with the help of mom and Marlee Anne including 3 children. Then I, yes that's I by myself take Mary Elizabeth, Marlee Anne and Abe for their check ups. OK people offered to help. Mike even said he would go with us. OH NO! I can do it! I honestly thought I could do it and still be calm and peaceful! WRONG AGAIN!

We get there and they tell us Marlee Anne has to pee pee in the cup. OH MY!!! Marlee Anne loves to go with the others for their appts but she HATES to go herself. I could see the anxiousness in her eyes. Then she goes mom I have to WHAT? OK Mary Elizabeth is in her wheelchair right outside the door of the restroom while I am holding Abe and trying to help Marlee Anne pee pee in the cup. Just picture Marlee Anne on the potty of course after she has responsibly placed a whole roll of toilet paper on the lid. I am squatting down, holding the cup for her while trying not to drop Abe, who is looking around trying to figure out his view of the room from that angle he is being held at. OK no go. She says she just couldn't go. OK no biggie.

We get out and sit down and she says oh I have to go. OK back again we go. Same thing ALL over again. No go. She just couldn't do it. OK I am getting strung out a little here. I told her to please let's not try again until she knows she can do it. She is 6 years old and here I am telling her this. Yeah right mom.

We get called back to the room. The nurse holds the door, Marlee Anne pushes Mary Elizabeth, I am still holding Abe and I carry his carseat. We get back there and have to turn right around and get everyone weighed. Well not Abe cause he is just there for shots. I have to stand on the scale and weigh Mary Elizabeth and then without her and then subtract. The one big thing Mike doesn't know about me is how much I weigh. It's a big joke when we take the girls to the doctor. Well Marlee Anne says mom how much do you weigh. I won't tell her. She says tell me I wanna tell dad. LOL!!! She is such her daddy's child.

This nurse is fairly new and has never seen Mary Elizabeth. I wasn't even worried until she took her temp and said oh she is only 95.5. I explain to her why and we head back to the room.

Marlee Anne passes her hearing and vision test with flying colors. WOOHOO!!! We are so proud! She answers all the questions nurse Lee Ann is asking her. She does very good.

Then it's Mary Elizabeth's turn. Everyone there knows us and it has been so long since anyone went over those questions with us with the Mary Elizabeth. It hit me so hard. I was determined not to cry. I was already stressed and I really didn't want to add to Marlee Anne's worries. We get past it though thankfully!

Oh Mary Elizabeth is 52" I think. I have it written down but I better type it here so I will have record of it. She weighs 37 pounds. Marlee Anne weighs 50.5 and is 46.5 inches.

As the nurse is leaving the room she hands Marlee Anne a gown and ask her to take her clothes off and put the gown on. I see that look on Marlee Anne face and think oh no this is not going to be good. She says yes mam' to the nurse but as soon as she leaves she looks and me and says why do I have to take my clothes off. It has been so long since she has been she doesn't remember taking her clothes off I don't guess. We make a game out of it and she is ok with it.

Dr. Patonay comes in and Marlee Anne starts chatting away with her. Marlee Anne was doing great! Next it was Mary Elizabeth's turn. She does have an ear infection. I suspected that and was glad to get her some antibiotics and drops. Dr. Patonay wants to try Pedisure with her again to see if that adds some weight. Mary Elizabeth has always had a hard time with Pedisure because of the fiber but she said now they make low fiber.

It was time for everyone's shots. Marlee Anne decided ahead of time that Abe would go first and she would hold his hand. He cried but was over it as soon as I picked him up. Marlee Anne was next she is STILL crying over that shot. No not really but it took her so long to stop crying. She had a really hard time with it. Mary Elizabeth made a face but took her shots like a big girl. They checked their iron too and it was good.

We headed out and I asked Marlee Anne what she wanted for lunch. Taco Bell of course. Then before we got there she said she didn't want it. She was really feeling bad.

I get home and mom heads out. Here I am with fussy Michala having one seizure after another. Then my three that had just had shots. WHAT have I done. I have learned my lesson. I just hope I remember it. I really didn't want to have to ask someone to come sit 3 different days when I could do it all at one time. Not again! I hope!

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