Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our weekend!

WOW!!! What a weekend! Saturday we had a great afternoon out. We all went to Red Robin to eat. Mary Elizabeth especially likes it there because it's loud and she can talk without us trying to keep her from interrupting others. Michala pigged out on the fries while Abe slept through the whole supper. Marlee Anne loved it because it included playing arcade games with her daddy. I was happy to sit across from my husband of 22 years knowing he was happier there than he would have been at a fancy restaurant with just the two of us.

Afterwards Marlee Anne & I went into Hobby Lobby for some paper. You can never have enough paper. RIGHT? She and I always have fun in stores no matter what.

On the way home Mike wanted to know if we wanted a dessert. I said no but he went to Dairy Queen any way. He said after 22 years he was celebrating with dessert. He got a waffle sundae. I decided to get a butterscotch dipped cone. YUCK!!! It was not what I remembered. Michala started whinning as soon as she saw it cause you know she loves her sweets. So I fed her my entire ice cream. Mike asked Marlee Anne if she wanted any thing. She said well I did want Taco Bell. OK yes we did feed her at Red
Robin but she was still hungry. Mike said well we already passed Taco Bell. She said ok. Being the sweet daddy he is he turned around and went back just for her. She was so happy and ate every bite.

On Sunday Connie & Cheryl took me to see Mamma Mia. OH MY!!! If you have seen it it's a must. I LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!! I have to tell you that this entire thing was so pleasant for me. They had already planned for my sister to sit with the girls and Abe went with us. Connie had already bought our tickets and Cheryl treated for our snacks. On top of all that it was such a feel good fun movie.

I came home to a delicious anniversary meal prepared by Uncle Papa. He cooked all of our favorites. Beef and pork tenderloin along with baked potatoes and sweet potaoes, bread, salad and sweet tea. Oh and homemade orange pineapple ice cream. We couldn't ask for anything more.

I was so blessed to have such a wonderful weekend! Hope ya'll had wonderful ones as well. Thanks for all the anniversary wishes!!! These pictures help tell why we are still married after 22 years.

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