Monday, October 01, 2007



Up and out fairly early to get to MGM. We met The Malcoms and a Howard at MGM. The rest of the Howards met us a little later. Mike and the girls stayed with the Malcoms and the Howards to watch Beauty and the Beast while I went and met Brooksey our CM friend. She is pregnant too and I couldn’t wait to see her. The two of us had a wonderful time comparing pregnancy stories. Then we headed over to Beauty and The Beast to meet the rest of them before Brooksey had to go back to work.

We split up and some of us went to Animation Studio to draw while the others went to see Lights, Motor, Action. As we were going into Animation Studio we ran into my friend Angie, her mom and her daughter Aly. It was the strangest feeling running into someone that I email with every week but had never met. We were in the que for the art class when our CM friend Teresa surprised us. We were expecting to see her over with Toy Story characters. She had moved over with the Ratatouille bunch so we were very excited to see her. We drew Stitch in our class. It was Courtney’s first time in the class and she did an amazing job.

After art class we went to see Remy & Emile from Ratatouille. They were the cutest things! Great characters! Emile even grabbed the girls candy bag from the back of Mary Elizabeth’s wheelchair to snack on it. We got to see Frozone before we left too. More time to visit with
Teresa and then we were off to meet the rest of the crew.

After a quick lunch we decided to go to Muppet 3D. Everyone enjoyed that one a lot. Then we headed over to Star Tours. I don’t know how many times they ended up riding that one without getting off. Everyone wanted to ride Great Movie Ride next. Since Lawson was sleeping I decided to sit out with him and wait for Maegan. It wasn’t long before Maegan got off for the day. She met me in front of Great Movie Ride and we caught up before the others got off the ride. Maegan was in my small group at church way back when and I was so excited that she is interning at Disney.

We made a quick stop by to see JoJo and Goliath. Time for dinner at The Brown Derby. It was such a nice treat to have Maegan, Cindi & Scheree eat with us. We had a wonderful meal – birthday meal for me.

After dinner it was a down pouring of rain. Aunt Nay and De met up with us. It was so special to have time to spend and visit with them. We decided to skip Fantasmic since it was raining and headed back to the room.

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