Sunday, September 30, 2007

Magic Kingdom with 15

We had this day planned for several months. Marlee Anne was so excited about being tour guide for the day. It was the 5 of us, Howards and Malcoms. We all met there at 9:00 ready to start the day. I have to tell you I was a little nervous cause with that many people you never know how it's gonna go. I have to say it could not have gone any better.

It was so neat because I ran into my friends Tina & Courtney as soon as we got there. We ran into other friends from Covington throughout the day too.

We stopped for pictures in front of the castle which you know Mike would not have done without the other families. He was very patient and didn't mind having yet another picture made in front of the castle.

Buzz Lightyear was our first stop and I thought we had explained to everyone to stay with us. Buzz Lightyear is one of the rides we stay on and ride two or three times. Well we got split up and I will not call out any names but Scheree did not follow instructions. It ended up being the 5 of us and the 4 older girls. We all had a blast. Tim was at the exit taking pictures and hopped on with us. All this time the rest of them have no idea where we are or what's going on. We decide after riding twice we will get off and catch up with everyone else.

Space Mountain was next. We kept Lawson with us while everyone else rode. Some of them rode a second time while everyone else rode Indy Speedway. Mary Elizabeth and I took pictures of everyone.

We took the back walkway to Toontown to ride Goofy's Barnstormer. Cindi & I sat with Mary Elizabeth and watched Marlee Anne play on the playground. We talked about Mary Beth's Place and the things they were hoping for there. I have to tell you these quiet moments of talking and hearing about her memories of Mary Beth and things they had done with her at Disney were very special to me. I was terribly concerned about how she would handle the week and how I would be able to handle her emotions. She had a really tough time but in Cindi's spirit she handled it well. I honestly do not know that I could have done it. This was their first Disney trip since Mary Beth's angel day.

The kids decided they wanted to see some characters so we headed into the tent. We had lots of fun with Goofy, Minnie, Pluto & Donald. It was so much fun to see Lawson with his favorite - Donald. The big girls wanted to see the princesses so Marlee Anne said well ok. The princesses are so not her favorite but Mary Elizabeth and Michala love them. Carson did not want a picture made with them but the 3 big guys were happy to get a picture made with them.

We hopped on the train to head to Frontierland. We hung out at the playground while everyone that wanted to rode Splash Mountain. Everyone was getting hungry so we went to Pecos Bill's to eat. For some unknown reason Mike sent Marlee Anne and I to get our food then he was going to go. By now of course we have Disney down to a science for us. Mike gets in line for food while I get Mary Elizabeth & Michala fed, then we eat. Well Marlee Anne and I were in line and shoot I forgot his name. I have it written down. CM working there said oh it's your birthday. YES! It was my birthday all week long. He announced it was my 21st birthday and had everyone standing in line sing to me. I even got a delicious peanut butter/chocolate dessert.

Everyone went to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad while we ate. Well after Cindi fed Michala and Scheree fed Mary Elizabeth. Having those extra hands and hearts was a huge blessing to us. We caught up to them and they wanted to ride BTMR again so Mike and Michala went with them that time.

Tim decided he would take Carson, Lawson & Marlee Anne to Tom Sawyer Island. Marlee Anne loves exploring the caves. While they did that we all went and rode Haunted Mansion. This time the HA line was working right like before. We ended up riding this twice. Ken took Michala with him and my back and the baby thanked him. She is getting heavy and it didn't take me long to realize it this trip.

We went in Mickey's Philharmagic while we waited on Tim and the kids to catch up with us. Wonderful show as always. Once they caught up with us we rode Peter Pan & It's a Small World.

Time for snacks. Well we had never had ice cream from Mrs. Potts. The day before we saw the awesome Sundae's. Everyone got those while I went to get my raspberry lemonade that the CM gave me for my birthday. It was so very good cause I have been craving it for months.

Teacups were next. Carson thought he was gonna be cute and ride by himself and then a family he didn't know got on there with him. We rode Winnie the Pooh, Carousel, & Dumbo. Marlee Anne rode Cinderella's horse without anyone telling her that was it. Probably just chance.

We still had a little bit of time before the park closed so we headed over to ride Pirates and Jungle Cruise. Our guide on Jungle Cruise was one of the best we had ever had. I just realized I didn't get his name either. He did a great job.

We had to go get our armbands for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and they all decided to go ride Space Mountain one last time.

On our way to get our armband we saw some Disney friends, MJ and her parents. It has been quite some time since we got to see them. It was wonderful to see how well they were doing.

People were already in the park with their costumes on. It was so much fun to see some of the hilarious costumes. We got our armbands, trick or treat bags and headed to Cosmic Rays. We enjoyed a quick meal while also enjoying the dance party with Stitch dressed as Elvis, Donald dressed as a pumpkin and Pluto a flying ace.

Earlier in the day we got a phone call from Aunt Nay saying Amy had a surprise for us. Amy said after the first parade go to the car barn beside the barber shop because Captain Jack Sparrow wanted to see his angels. The girls NOT me! I was terribly excited because this is a Masquerade friend. This is the Capt. Jack who last year after the Halloween party Mike saw in City Hall. Mike said when Capt. Jack walked in everyone screamed and hollered. I know why! WOW!!!

We decided to sit near the barber shop to watch the parade so we would be there when it was over. As Capt. Jack's float came by he waved his Capt. Jack wave. After the parade was over a CM came out and told us Capt. Jack wanted to see us. When we walked into the car barn the huge black horse that the headless horseman rides was there. That was a treat in itself. We all loved seeing that. Marlee Anne was extremely impressed that we got to go in there because we had never been there before.

Well here comes Capt. Jack. I wish Mike was telling this part because he describes me much better. He says when Capt. Jack came out I started with my Mike Moore giggle. Most of ya'll know the story. For those that don't Mike Moore was the love of my life, my old boyfriend that everyone knew I would spend the rest of my life with. Well God had other plans but still there is a place in my heart that when his name is mentioned I have this special giddy laugh. That giggle is saved for my old Mike, "our" Prince Charming and now Capt. Jack Sparrow. Marlee Anne never knew this story about Mike and she has been quite interested in discussing it lately. LOL!!!

So we had family pictures made with Capt. Jack. Marlee Anne said mommie get your picture made. Well of course. The grin on my face is priceless. After my picture with him Capt. Jack says to Mike that he and the Admiral should have their picture made together so their is no ill will. Mike says well you can have her and Capt. Jack says uh no thanks. Mike made this up cause I did not hear anything like that. Saturday Capt. Jack called Mike the Commodore and Sunday he had moved up to Admiral.

The most special parts were when he knelt down to talk to the girls. Mary Elizabeth like every other female loved listening to his voice, and Michala loved his hair. He held Marlee Anne's hands in his and talked to her about a long time ago when he had met her and her monkey. He stayed in character the entire time even when he was talking about Amy calling to tell him the angels were in town. His angels he said. It will forever be one of those special Disney memories.

Finally I was about to meet my long time internet friend Angie. For those of you that have internet friends and especially for our TRAK (true random acts of kindness) list ya'll know how very special this was for me. She, her mom and her daughter Aly was there. After the wonderful Halloween fireworks we got to meet. It's amazing to me how comfortable it is to meet someone face to face after all this time. It was so very special. I cannot thank Angie enough for taking the time to meet up with us and for the wonderful gifts. We even got to go to Toontown with them and trick or treat with them. Aly & Marlee Anne were really cute together.

They went to see the Halloween parade while we went to see Mickey. He was dressed as a scarecrow just like he said. As soon as he we walked up he remembered us from the day before.

We went down Alice's trick or treat trail again. This time the line was light for the characters so the girls got their picture made with Mr. Walrus for the first time. We also stopped to see Twiddle Dee & Dum. We met them way back when our friend Paul was still at Disney but Marlee Anne didn't remember it. She had lots of fun questions for them.

Time for the party to be over so we headed for the boat to head back home to get ready for the next day.

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