Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lighthouse See Ya Laters!

At The Lighthouse we don't say Good-bye. Good thing cause See Ya Laters are hard enough. Ya'll know our family doesn't meet someone once and then lose contact. We have hopes of staying in touch and seeing them again. We get very attached to our family partners. That was obvious cause we were still calling Sharon, Kelley and Diane our family partners and that was last year.

We had a wonderful breakfast provided by Watercolor. The slide show that Tim did was amazing. He did a wonderful job capturing so many special moments from the week.

Well it was time to load up and head home. Making sure to tell everyone how much we enjoyed it. Once again we can make it through another year or at least until we get to see some of them again. Thank you to each one of the families that took the time to come and share their lives with us. Thank you to each one of the volunteers that helped make life a little easier and remind us of how blessed we are. Thanks especially to Melinda for EVERYTHING!!! Without her amazing vision none of this would have taken place. Thanks to Watercolor too and all the wonderful families that shared their houses with us.

Our ride home was filled with Marlee Anne wanted dad to keep up with Kimberly. HA! Thankfully Marlee Anne fell asleep. When she woke up though she wanted to find Kimberly. When she realized she was long gone she had to call and check on her.

Mary Elizabeth & Michala were glad to be home. Mike and I were trying to figure out life without our wonderful family partners. Today was hard on Michala because she didn't have that one on one attention that she so loves at The Lighthouse. Thanks again to everyone!

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