Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lighthouse Day 4

The sun was shining so Marlee Anne got to ride her bike to breakfast. KJ and Mike pushed Mary Elizabeth and Michala while I tried to keep up with Marlee Anne. By the time we got to breakfast the baby was in a knot crying out what was I thinking.

We had a nice breakfast and then went outside for Morning Watch. Then back to the house for Common Grounds while the kids practice for the talent show. Marlee Anne had gone back and forth about what she was doing or if she was even performing.

Our time was cut short for Common Grounds that day. Mike and I hadn't shared but we were very anxious to hear the other family share. Thankfully they shared first. We shared a very condensed version but I am so thankful each time we get to share. I am amazed at how much healing still needs to be done.

We went back to baithouse to meet for the boat ride. We were blessed to have get a ride on a glass bottom boat in Destin. It was a really great ride. I tried to walk around and take pictures but the baby didn't like that too much so I ended up sitting down and enjoying the ride. Nachelle came to sit beside me but that didn't last long cause she was about to throw up. Me being the good friend that I am got up and moved. I wasn't very supportive. We had a delicious lunch from Chick-fil-a. There were about 20 dolphins swimming next to our boat. That was so beautiful!

Once we got back to Watercolor we had beach olympics on the beach. I wanted to go down and get pictures of Marlee Anne on the beach but about 5 minutes was my limit. The smell of the dead fish got to me. I walked back to the house to spend time with Peggy and the girls. Another God thing cause that was such a healing time to be able to share with Peggy.

We had the talent show with pizza from Pizza Hut. The talent show was filled with so much talent. Mike "performed" in his coconuts and grass skirt. Marlee Anne went back and forth as to whether she would perform or not. Each time she decided she just couldn't. Mary Elizabeth & Michala were blessed to get to up at the stage while Hailey signed When I Call on Jesus. Mary Elizabeth kept a huge smile on her face while Michala bounced and clapped. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

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