Thursday, November 01, 2007

I scared my baby!

OK well most of ya’ll know about my vacuuming story. Well I just don’t do it. When we got married I played the allergy card and got out of that one. One time I had to do it for some reason and I tried to hide it from my sister that I did not even know how to turn the vacuum cleaner on.

My computer was having trouble and I needed Mike to work on it. My computer desk is my work station and is a total mess. I had to get it cleaned up before Mike could even work on it. I had made some invitations for my niece recently and there was fiber everywhere that I could not get up. I had to get the little vacuum cleaner out. As soon as I turned it on the baby went wild. I started laughing but then I realized he didn’t know what that sound was because he had never heard a vacuum cleaner before. I scared the poor little fella.

My laugh for the day. Gotta find one in each day.

OK that was earlier in the day. Now I have to add this. Marlee Anne had gone to her best friend Mackenzie's house to play. When they came back home I went outside to see them. We thought we heard Michala at the door. We all went in when Mike got home. Kendra said where's Michala? Mike busted out laughing and said ya'll come here and look. Michala had gotten a pack of cupcakes down from the kitchen counter. Somehow she opened them and had eaten all three of them except for a few crumbs and the icing that was stuck to her hands. Kendra said get your camera. Thankfully she thought fast so now ya'll have pictures to look and laugh at too.

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Disney Scrapper said...

Oh my goodness, that girl is something else. Wait until I show this one to Marc.