Thursday, April 26, 2012


Tonight I got "kicked" out of the PICU. Not for bad behavior like some may think but because from 7-8 there is shift change. I went down to the cafeteria for supper. I chose a small table over in the corner so I could collect my thoughts & thank God one more time for the incredible blessings of today. As I was sitting there a mother with 2 smalls boys walked up to the table across from me. I noticed the boys had big brother shirts on. The youngest little boy smiled & waved at me. It made the mom turn and look at me. I could tell from the way she was walking that she had recently had a baby. I asked if they had a baby in the NICU. She said yes she was born Monday. She pulled her chair closer to my table & began telling me her story. Her baby was diagnosed with spina bifida at 23 weeks. Monday they did a c-section & brought her here. The mother was released from the hospital and came here to be with her baby for her first surgery. Tomorrow she will have surgery for a shunt.

As she continued to talk the baby's grandparents came up. You know I always wonder about someone's support system in this situation. In a few minutes the baby's great grandmother sat down. After that dad came walking up. He stood behind his wife in this large opening cafeteria and said the sweetest blessing. He thanked God for the blessings He had given them. The mother had told me earlier that she knew her daughter had spina bifida for a reason.

I don't know that reason. Maybe someone else in there saw & heard that daddy. Maybe that changed someone's life. I know from what I saw tonight that this family is going to be just fine.

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