Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well this morning I had the honor of speaking at the Mother of Preschoolers group. It was held at Hebron and I didn't realize it was going to hit me as hard when I drove in the parking lot. The last time I was there was for Terri's funeral. I spent sometime in the car praying before I walked in and a wonderful peace flowed over me. There were about 40 beautiful moms there. I was welcomed and was very excited to be there. I only knew 2 moms there so it was nice to meet so many new people. It was so very wonderful to see Kimberly and Ida.

I have really been praying about this. Kimberly asked me to speak on how being a mother changed me. WOW!!! Someone wanted me to talk about my children. Well ok then. I jumped at the chance to do that. However as I read and prayed about this nothing felt right. No direction I went in. I didn't have a clear direction even this morning. What I had intended to share went right out the window. It was not me talking. I wish I had recorded it because I don't even know if I said any uhs. That's amazing for me. I only cried a couple of VERY brief moments and for me they weren't really cries. Talk about prayers working. They did!

I truly hope that I blessed someone's life this morning the way these moms blessed mine. I was thrilled with the ladies that came up and spoke to me afterwards. Tracy told me about her 2 children and 2 foster children she has. Jennifer told me about her brother who has something very similar to Michala. She also told me about her daughter that has spina bifida. I met Erin before the meeting and she gave me a much needed peace as she shared her story with me.

One of the mentors just hugged me and thanked me for coming. She said I just opened my heart and shared so beautifully. Kimberly I don't know her name but she was sitting at your table. I told her that I had so much I wanted to share but wasn't sure what to choose. She said well God showed you because it was perfect. She went on to tell me not to rethink it and go on about it but to know it was right. WOW! How did she know I needed to hear that or otherwise I was going to go back and rethink it.

Even one of the moms Ashley gave me directions back to Snellville. Which by the way were great directions and I made it there just fine. They were all very nice. They are blessed to have such a wonderful group. Thank you to each of you for welcoming me and allowing me to come and speak. Thanks so much for the wonderful Chili's giftcard. Can ya'll believe I won a door prize. How cool is that!!!

I cannot thank each of you for holding me up and lifting me up in prayer. Several of you commented that if I talk the way I write I would be fine. Well I don't. When I write I can pour my heart and soul into it and cry if I need to. When I talk it doesn't flow quite as well. I was very blessed to have the opportunity to share how God has carried us through 24 years. Thanks to each of ya'll for being there through so much of it!!!

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