Monday, September 21, 2009

Mary Elizabeth & Abe endocrine appt

Wednesday we took Mary Elizabeth & Abe for their endocrinology appts. We took Michala & Marlee Anne with us too. When we got there the waiting room was packed. We tried to get them in the corner away from everyone.

As I was waiting for them to call me to check them in I heard patients being called back to see Dr. Parks. Even though we weren't seeing him that day because I thought he had already retired I was so glad he was there. As we were waiting for vitals to be done I heard Mike say hey Dr. Parks. I was so excited to see him. When Mary Elizabeth saw him she got so excited. He kissed and hugged her and she got the biggest grin on her face. I got to quickly go over some things we were questioning since test were starting to come back. He said he would sit down and go over all that.

The appt went Megan for Mary Elizabeth was quick and easy. She did have to have lab work done though. Abe's appt was longer and Megan went over all the what if's. One thing they are thinking is the possibility of diabetes insipidus. Not to be confused with sugar diabetes. Diabetes insipidus is a condition in which the kidneys are unable to conserve water. However typically your sodium levels in your urine are high and they are not in Abe. Hopefully it's not something he has. If he does it may be something that he is controlling on his own right now. He didn't have lab work done because he and Michala have to go Wednesday to the metabolic specialist. Abe for more labs and both of them for VNS check.

Many of you have asked about their VNS. We have had some times where it has interrupted, slowed down and a couple of times where it has stopped their seizures.

I took Mary Elizabeth to have her lab work done while the rest of them went out. I prayed and prayed for someone that could stick her the first time. NEVER happens. We have to do at least 3 sticks. First time, first try. This lady was amazing!!! I started crying and told her I needed her name and phone number so we could make sure she was there everytime. She was precious!

Mary Elizabeth's thyroid came back low so we increased her synthroid. Thank ya'll so much for all the prayers!!!

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