Monday, October 05, 2009

answered prayers!!!

Just thought ya'll might like to see evidence of your prayers being answered. Today we got the wheelchairs in. They are WONDERFUL!!! We still haven't put them in the van yet but Mike measured and we think they will go in OK. In other words we think we can make them fit. We are going to wait until it dries up some.

Just wanted to share some pictures with ya'll. Everyone seems to like them very well. They push really good & fold up really easily. Everything seperate is not too heavy. The double one is heavy to lift with both seats on it but I wouldn't do that by myself any way too often.

This is such a God thing from the way it happened. I received the email from the Mito listserv while sitting in Dr. Shoffner's office. That same week we were already scheduled to meet with David from Mobility Designs about their wheelchairs. I sent the email to Lynda right then. Had I not known about this we would have ordered something totally different. I cannot thank David and Lynda enough for the work they did to get these. I cannot thank the person from the Mito list that sent this out. This is the first tandem they had done. Terry brought them out. He and Lynda both were as excited as I was.

Thanks again for all your prayers!!!



Kelli this is so WONDERFUL!!! YAA!!!

Anonymous said...

where are their shoes?