Monday, September 28, 2009

Catching up!

OK this is the very reason I journal every night. If not I get behind and forget things that I wanted to remember or share. I have to go back a couple of weeks.

OK ya'll remember me telling ya'll that my friend took me to supper a couple of weeks ago. Well Sandy and I have been friends since the first day of our freshman year of highschool. Yes almost 30 years. YIKES!!! That's a long time to know me and still love me. LOL!!! We had a wonderful time! She took me out to get my birthday celebration started. Get it started it did. I don't think it has ended yet. Wonder how long I can play the birthday card?

That week we had a couple of appts that I think I filled ya'll in on. Now I will try to catch you up on the other fun stuff.

Saturday I had the Quiet Heroes luncheon. I know I say it every year but seriously one year I am getting a table so that everyone can go with me. None of my friends and family have ever gone with me but at $125 it is kind of hard to invite someone and expect them to pay that amount. Once I get there it's great because all other cancer moms are there and so many of them are my precious dear friends that I love so dearly.

The luncheon was amazing as always. They had some wonderful auction items. The food was very good. The speaker had us all in tears. Our goody bags were overflowing with terrific goodies.

That night Mike cooked my favorite steak on the grill, along with baked potato, mushrooms and salad. It was wonderful! Sunday was my actual birthday so I got to choose where I wanted to eat. Any doubt where I chose? Hendersons! My all time favorite. This is my comfort place. I eat that before and after surgeries or hospital stays. It was so very good! Sunday night our friends came over to eat with us.

Monday I was getting ready to go speak at the MOPS group. Which was rescheduled for tomorrow because of the floods. So would ya'll please pray for me tomorrow morning as I go speak. Please pray that God provides me with the words and peace that I need. Please pray that I get self out of the way so that I can be used by HIM. Thanks so much!!!

Wednesday we took Michala & Abe to the doctor on Wednesday. Mo increased their VNSs and Abe had to get blood work. Oh yes and I had to take the urine samples that I had such a hard time getting from Michala! YIKES!!!

I was concerned about Carla, the person taking Abe's blood because she was taking such a long time deciding where to go. Most times that's a good thing but she seemed very nervous and unsure of herself. Well he didn't even flinch when she stuck him. He had been having lots of seizures and I was thinking that was probably why. Well she took 40 ccs of blood from him. He flowed well and she only had to stick him once! woohoo!!! They both did an awesome job. We were getting ready to walk out of the office and Carla came out and said mom I need to get blood from you and dad. WHAT? Yes I know my children do this all the time but I don't & I do not like it. Mike gives blood all the time so to him it wasn't a big deal. I was so thankful I didn't know about this ahead of time.

I went first and she said deep breath. I knew right away why Abe didn't flinch. It didn't hurt at all. You could not feel it. Amazing! Well Mike came in the lab. He had kept Michala out in the waiting area the whole time so she wouldn't bother Abe. Well when Mike sat down and saw how nervous and unsure she seemed I could see that look on his face. He was also amazed at not feeling it. She really was wonderful!

Wednesday night my wonderful neice and one of my nephews along with their families and my sister brought supper over to celebrate my birthday. I got to pick! It was Wednesday night so ya'll know I picked Hendersons. It was so good!!! I played the birthday card quite a bit that night. I got to feed Karland and hold her all that I wanted to. Usually I don't get to if Debbie and Staci are around.

Thursday we packed and headed to the beach as soon as Mike got off work. The ride was very nice.

Since Christmas I have been saving for an embroidery machine. With my birthday money I think I may be close to getting one. I have been talking to friends that have them and one of my friends has called around and done a lot of checking for me. If any of you have one and have thoughts are advice on it I would greatly appreciate it. I am so excited about getting it but want to make sure I get the right one.

OK now I want to know which one of my wonderful Aicardi mom friends sent the word out to get me all the wonderful cards & gifts that I have been receiving. They are still coming in the mail. I am blown away by ya'll's love and generousity. What a wonderful birthday celebration this has been! I am so very thankful for all of ya'll.

I am truly blessed with a wonderful family and beautiful friends. Thanks so much for making me feel so special and so loved!

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