Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update on me!

OK since most of the county knows about my mishap thanks to Mike & Lisa I thought I better update everyone. Last night our dear friends Randy and Lisa brought supper over to us and spent the evening with us. What a blessing to just sit and enjoy time together!

Everything was going great. Michala had her one on one time with Lisa. We ate a wonderful meal. Mike, Randy & Marlee Anne hit golf balls. Then they played Wii golf. Mary Elizabeth was laughing and enjoying the night. Abe pooped and Lisa gave him to me to change. OK she is back to snuggling with him again. Now the scene is set.

I go get everyone's meds and oatmeal. Get Michala fed and go back to the kitchen. I have all Mary Elizabeth's stuff together and go to the laundry room to get a towel. The last thing I remember is opening the cabinet door. The next thing I remember is Mike on the floor with me. The trim had come off the cabinet and hit me in the head. Thankful no blood but I still have the dent in my head and a horrible headache and earache.

Everyone starts scurrying to help me. Marlee Anne is concerned I need to go to the ER. They finally get me to the couch with a bag of frozen blueberries on my head, a wet rag on my face, sprite and pain meds. It was a very long night but finally the dizziness is going away. Nothing like a new baby in the family to make you start feeling better.

Well Lisa thought it was a great idea to put one wet rag in the freezer so that when the other one gets warm I will have a cold one. Marlee Anne goes to give me one out of the freezer and it's frozen solid and she about knocks me out with it. Not meaning to of course.

This morning I finally make it to the bathroom on my own, look in the mirror and gasp at the sight of something purple all over my shirt. Then I kinda remember the bag of blueberries busting and Marlee Anne putting them in a ziploc bag.

What can I say! Never a dull moment. Thankful that Randy & Lisa were here to help out while all this was going on during night time med stuff. Thanks so much to ya'll that have already been praying for me about this! I am sure the dent will go away along with the headache and earache soon. Sorry no pictures to share! It's ok to laugh!!!

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