Monday, June 29, 2009

It's me again!

right and God sending one of His angels my way.

This morning when I went to the doctor mom came and stayed with everybody. She doesn't do that much any more so Mike called to check on her. He asked Marlee Anne how granmama was doing and she said she looks like she was just dumped. Mike said what? Marlee Anne said she looks like her boyfriend just broke up with her. When Mike told me he was laughing so hard. OH MY WORD that girl. We were all in tears laughing about it.

Tonight Marlee Anne was packing a bag for Abe & I to take to the hospital. She does this everytime someone goes to the hospital. She handed me the bag and said mom look inside. When I did I saw money she had put in there. She said mom I wanted to make sure you had money to get something to drink if you wanted it. PRECIOUS! PRECIOUS!!! She had put her birthday money in the bag so that I would have money while I was at the hospital. That girl and her heart.

She is laying with Abe right now, praying for him. I love to hear her when she doesn't know I am listening. Please say a special prayer for her as she is a big girl while we are gone. She asked me a little while ago how long I thought we would have to be gone. She has hugged me at least a thousand times, told me she would miss us and that she loves me. God IS good!

OK I have put it off long enough. It's time to move forward to tomorrow. Thank you so much for the emails! It's amazing to send out an email and then just minutes later have responses filled with encouragement, laughs and prayers!

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