Thursday, June 11, 2009

A parent's greatest joy!

I think my prayer for my children to be saved started before they were even born. Mike and I both remember the day we were saved very clearly. We try to live our lives so that our children and others see Christ through us. There are so many times when we falter and our children see those times too.

For so long Marlee Anne has talked about Jesus living in her heart, what happens when she dies and how to live her life that is pleasing to God. Lately each time Mike and I go to the funeral home or to a funeral she ask what is going to happen when she dies. Last week when Mr. Bill died Mike and I shared a lot about how he lived his life and what he meant to us. I know that Mr. Bill played a large part in my salvation along with seeing and hearing my mama and daddy read their bibles and praying. There were so many people at Calvary Baptist Church that played a part in my salvation. Another one of those God planning my way.

Well last week Marlee Anne asked Mike if he would baptize her. I don't know of a greater joy for a daddy than to have his child ask that of him. So many nights as we pray Marlee Anne thanks Jesus for living in her heart. We wanted to make sure that she understood it all. As she asked more and more questions we could tell there was an urgency for her to feel secure and grounded in her faith. Today we sat down with her went over the scripture again and made sure she knew what she was doing. She prayed and asked Jesus into her heart. There were lots of tears of joy.

If I was any more blessed my heart would surely bust. I am thankful for my wonderful husband who lives his life daily and allows God to shine through so that his daughter wanted what he has and wanted what he lives. I am thankful for our loving Christian parents that raised us to know who Jesus is.

I heard the saying once would you rather live your life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn't or live your life as if there isn't a God and die to find out there is. I am thankful I know! I am thankful that my family will be with me in Heaven. My prayer is that I will have childlike faith and not question what surrounds me each day. That I will trust and allow Him to handle all that is around. I am sure He has lots to teach me through Marlee Anne.

Thanks for sharing in this joy with us! We told Marlee Anne that we will always be there for her to come to us. That we will hold her accountable and that she can hold us accountable. Mike laughed and said she already does that. She really does. At least once a day she reminds us that something we did wouldn't make God happy. So know we ask each of you to join us in lifting her up in her walk. Help us grow this child that God has loaned us to be more and more like Him each day. She has a good heart that wants to learn and take it all in.

We love and appreciate each of you for your love, support, friendship and prayers!

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