Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Lots of stuff!

Tomorrow Abe has an appt with the surgeon for post op for his gtube. I think this is the visit where I have to take the gtube out and then put it back in. Some added prayers that I don't freak would be nice. I still can't figure out why it's freaking me out.

Abe's strap on his shoes is breaking. He has to have an appt with the orthodist to have it measured and ordered before they will send new ones. We are not in position right now to drive to Iowa for followup because Abe is really not in the condition to do that at this time. We have started the application process for Shriners Hospital and hope to get him in there to see Dr. Westberry soon. Dr. Westberry practiced with Dr. Ponseti for a year so we hope to be able to use him for followup. We are a little concerned that Abe's right foot may be relasping so it needs to be checked soon. Please pray all this will go smooth and that he is not relasping.

Yesterday Abe had about 10 infantile spasms as opposed to the usual 100s that he has per day. He had 3 grand mals. His tone is still so much better. He watched TV which he has NEVER done. I was holding him at 5 this morning and Mike walk over and said hey Abe and he turned and looked right at Mike. He had a really small grand mal today and about 5 spasms so far. We have decided to wait about starting the keto diet back. We are going to give him a few good days hopefully. Please pray his progress continues and he continues to have better days with his seizures. He hasn't smiled but he is babbling and squealing.

Thanks so much for your prayers!!!

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