Sunday, December 14, 2008

What a weekend!

I have to go back and start at Thursday night. I went with Amber and Tonya to the tour of homes. I felt like a little kid excited about going to see Santa Claus when they asked me to go. I had the best time walking in the rain and seeing all the beautiful houses. Afterwards Amber treated us to Applebees. It was so much fun to sit with them and have a meal together. The funny thing was that they had fixed supper for us that same night and then took me out to eat. LOL!!!

Friday during the day ya'll have already heard about so I will skip that. Well except for the fact that we were surprised by our dear friend bringing us a beautiful paper white narcisis. We are anxiously awaiting it to bloom.

Friday night we had the Parent's Night Out fundraiser for the park. OK time out to say that I love all of our Masquerade friends dearly and I miss ya'll!!! As I am typing this the music is playing on the tv and it touches my heart each time and brings back such wonderful memories! Thanks for being such a special part of our lives.

OK on to the fundraiser. Without our friends Tracy and Lee Burgess this would not have happen. They brought their inflatables and set everything up. It was great! I cannot thank them and all the volunteers enough. Without ya'll we could not have done it. The parents that brought their children THANK YOU!!! Please talk this up for next time because I think the kids really had a great time. We would love to do it again and have tons more children.

Saturday I got to go to the Atlanta Merchandise Mart with my friend Lisa. I was thrilled! I haven't been there since before Mary Elizabeth was born. OH MY I was in heaven. Again excited like a little child. Thanks Lisa for a wonderful day!!! Lisa and her friend went on to Cartersville to the festival of trees to see about it being a possible fundraiser for the park next year. My wonderful husband came to Atlanta to pick me up so that I could still go to the mart. I didn't think I could be gone that long. Lisa tells me it was a good thing I didn't go cause it was late when she got in. Still had a wonderful time with her.

Today we had the Camp Sunshine Christmas party which was wonderful as always. It's always so wonderful to see the other families. As I sat there and looked at all these amazing families that have blessed our lives so very much. Their strength has inspired us to push through some challenging times. I love each of them dearly! Julie just walked over and got Abe's tube while he was eating, stood by Mike and helped out. She was not asked to do it she just did it. Kylie came and got Marlee Anne to go see Santa with her. Marlee Anne didn't get her picture made and I asked her why. She said I went just so I could spend the time with Kyle. What beautiful friendships that have come from this horrible "c" word. We are blessed.

Then I sat and cried as our dear friend Molly was recognized as volunteer of the year. She is a very inspiring and encouraging friend who we love dearly. Then of course their is Sally, Tenise, Ann, Michelle, TC and I think we saw Brinsley from a distant, and Bubbles. We could not do this, go through this without their continued love, support and prayers. Amazing!!! Each one of them are just amazing. If I left someone out ya'll are amazing too. LOL!!! We do love ya'll dearly and thank you for all that ya'll do! We had a wonderful time!!!

On the way home we decided to stop to eat for one last year outing. We know that from now until Abe's surgery we will be staying in mostly except for a couple of things we have scheduled all ready. Mike said on the way home he knows why Mary Elizabeth loves Christmas so much. Everytime someone says Merry Christmas she thinks they are saying Mary. She just smiles and laughs. She loved spending time with Santa today and really had a great time all around. Everyone at the party took time to come speak to her and you could tell she was very excited about all that attention. Thanks ya'll!!!

OK well I feel like this email was kinda hyper. Maybe I had too much coffee. I had a wonderful hot cup of tea at the party and a wonderful cup of coffee on the way home. I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend as well. I pray that each of you find something to be thankful for, something that makes you smile, something that warms your heart this Christmas season.

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