Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our little teacher

I am combining this post with a quick update. Sunday Abe started having some really hard screaming seizures again. We knew there was a front coming in and thought maybe that was it. He has had a really rough few days. We are still decreasing his orapred so we can have him on a lower dose for surgery. We just increased his phenobarbital in hopes that that would help with the increase in seizures. That will take a couple of days to see a difference cause it's a very small increase. We have had to give him ativan a lot more than we would like so he is pretty drugged out once again. He is awake having seizures or out of it from the meds. Please pray for us to get past this soon.

Today Marlee Anne went to Fairview Elementary to teach Lori's 5th grade class how to make Flubber. She was so very excited! I know I am her mom but I really think she did a great job. I just knew she would get in there, see the older kids and freeze up. She didn't. I was really very proud of her. More than that I was so very proud of Lori. I had to hold back tears as I stood and watch this little girl teach. No longer is she that little girl. She has turned into an amazing woman that I am so very very proud of. She handles her class so very well. The are blessed to have them as her teacher. Before we left the class wanted to know if Marlee Anne could come back again. She talked about the class the whole way home and wondered when she would get to go back. She has made a class room full of friends that she is already talking about writing letters to, drawing pictures for them, making things for them and sending them things. Thanks Mrs. Wardingley for giving her the opportunity to do this!!! We love you!!!

On the way home for her treat I stopped by Taco Bell. For my just because I never do it treat I bought myself Mamma Mia!!! OH MY!!! I love that movie!!! I have already watched it once today. If I can get away with it I may watch it again tonight. Connie & Cheryl took me to the movie to see it and I have been anxiously awaiting it on DVD. WOO HOO!!!

Mike surprised Marlee Anne with Twister for doing such a good job teaching. They played each other and I played the winner which of course was Marlee Anne. Thankfully she was worn out so I beat her. Our house was filled with laughter. Even Mary Elizabeth and Michala enjoyed it. Mike won't let me share those pictures with ya'll. They will make a fun scrapbook page though.

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