Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Prayers for Gregory

Would ya'll please pray for Gregory Jackson. His dentist found a tumor in his gum and they are sending him to Emory. He is the 16 year old son of Greg and Barbara Jackson. Barbara works with Mike. She always emails me to tell me she is praying or just to say she loves us. She is a very special lady. She and Greg even came and sat with me while Abe was in the NICU. Please pray for complete healing for Gregory. He is a great teenager. Always willing to lend a hand whenever he is needed. Pray for his parents as they wait for more information. We know that God has the power to heal and we believe that Gregory will be healed and this tumor will go away. Thanks for standing with us in prayer for this precious family!

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amanda_marriott said...

Kelli, I just read your blog after seeing the link on the SCUT yahoo group ... just know I am praying for you. I have a daughter with Cerebral Palsy ... when she was born my pastor turned round to me (I was in church leadership there at the time) and told me that if she wasnt healed it was because I didnt have enough faith. It took me a long time to get my head around the fact that it wasnt my fault and that I did have faith for her healing. The thing is .. God never told me she would be healed physically but she is one of the most whole people as far as loving the Lord and loving life goes that I know and that has spoken far more to many people than a physical healing would.
I know what it is like to spend hours at a hospital bedside. (I have seen it from the other end too as I was a Paed intensive care nurse, and then more recently a hospital chaplain at Great Ormond Street childrens hospital)
Keep on keeping on but dont be afraid to lean on others ... remember Aaron and Hur with Moses?
Will be praying for you here in the UK
God bless loads,
Mandi xxx