Monday, December 08, 2008

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The email I sent out the other day about the lack of faith I think I should address. I do not think I did anything to cause my children's disabilities. I shared that because it had been heavy on my heart for a few days to share that. You never know how it will touch someone. Most emails I received was encouraging me not to feel like it was anything I had done. I don't. There were other emails from other families with special needs children that had been told the samething. That's the reason I shared it. I wanted other families who I was sure had heard the same words or something similar but had not shared it to know they weren't alone. I could write a book filled with stupid things that well meaning people say. Sometimes the words do hurt. Most times I stop and pray before I even open my mouth. I do not want to say something I will regret. I know that people say what they think may comfort someone else. They mean well. So I have forgiven those people and have gone on.

For those of you that have been keeping your children's successes away from us. DON'T. Share that with us. We want to share in your joy. I honestly did not know there were so many people afraid to say something that might hurt us.

You know we have some wonderful internet friends who have special needs children. Most of them are far away in other states or like our friends Kevin and Sara that like to think they are that far away from us and will never get together with us unless we are in another state. LOL!!! I love all those friends. I am thankful they are there to hear my cries, understand my heart and know where I am coming from.

However the majority of our friends here around us have wonderful, happy, wild, joyous and fully capable children. I need that in my life. I love that my nephew called me to tell me that he is going to be a daddy. I wanted to hear it from him. I pray all the time that they have a healthy baby. I love that two of my nieces are friends with me on facebook and I get to know what's going on in their lives. I love to look out the window and see Mackenzie running to Marlee Anne yelling Manu hug me. I love hearing how Grace did playing at one of her games - usually from Grace. I love that Hunter and I can discuss scripture, music or whatever. I love that Kaitlin has jumped right in and fits in Georgia. I love reading Amber's blog of what the boys are doing or into now. I love to hear about Meagan's new book she is writing. I love that Brady and I have a connection after all these years. I love hearing Scheree's stories of Brantleigh & Lawson LOL!!! I love that Sandy's children are all friends with me on facebook and I get to know what's going on in their lives too. I love to remember Mary Beth with Cindi. I love to know what's going on with Clay & Amy. I love to see Ashleigh's video of Cameron trying to crawl. I love helping Brandi with naked hiney pictures of Ella & Elijah sitting up.

So you see many of those things 3 of my children will never do. I do long for that at times. Thankfully most of the time God keeps me focused on what's important for us, for our lives. He does a great job each days showing me how richly blessed I am. It's just the times that allow meds, wheelchairs, medical equipment, amputation and all the other "junk" bog me down. Praying for those times to short and few. Still with all that it doesn't mean we don't want to hear what's going on with ya'll.

I know the fact that we have 3 special needs children may make it a little harder for us to "fit in" which has never been something we really wanted to do any way. However we need ya'll. We need to have some sense of normalcy. It's nice to have some active able body children for Marlee Anne to play with. I would also hope that because of Mary Elizabeth, Michala and Abe those of you whose children have been around them are not afraid of someone different from them. I pray that they have made a difference in each of your lives.

We are so very thankful that ya'll love us and our children for who we are. Ya'll see past the wheelchairs and all the medical stuff and of course my hard headed, stubborn self, to see the blessings and love us. Thank you!!!!

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