Monday, February 21, 2011

Peter Pan

I cannot seem to shut my mind off tonight. I am standing, well ok sitting vigil over Michala tonight. She has been having some very strange going ons for several hours. Right now she is sleeping beside me. We are praying it's a migraine & will be much better in the morning. So while I am sitting here with her I thought I would share our day. Sometimes in the midst of our seizure & medical filled days we are taken away & experience something that brings all of us joy together as a family. Today thanks to wonderful Camp Sunshine & amazing Peter Pan we did just that.

I have a feeling my words will not convey the amazement of this show. It's in the white tent beside World of Coke. If you have the opportunity to go in Atlanta or anywhere please do. You will not be sorry!

We were seated on the front row in the wheelchair section. Even for Mike & I those seats were really below the stage so don't sit on the front row! Marlee Anne has the opportunity to move to the second row during the second act & that was much better she said. However she did say that dad's lap worked really well too.

The screen is 360 & the view is spectacular. As the narration started I began to cry. I have always loved this story. Well when Peter Pan, Tink (oh my!) & the Darling children flew through the air I wish I could have taken pictures of my children's expressions on their faces. No words!

Ok all the cast was amazing. Tinkerbell had an attitude that was priceless. At one point Tink is hurt. Peter tells us all to whisper we believe in fairies. As I look around to see people whispering my eyes lock on this precious little girl. She is seriously into making Tink fly again. When Tink flies this little girl is amazed! This little girl could have very well fought cancer or is fighting it now but at that moment that didn't matter because in her sweet little mind she just single handily gave Tinkerbell the power to fly. Priceless!!! Then when Peter Pan & Captain Hook were right beside her fighting she was in awe one minute & laughing the next.

No way Camp Sunshine or Peter Pan the show could have known that it would impact so many lives on those few hours today. Maybe they hope they would. Well they succeeded. At least with our family I know they did.

So again if you have the chance to go see it please do.

Afterwards we had big plans to go to the Cheesecake Factory. However some of our Camp Sunshine friends wanted us to go eat at Baha Fresh with them. It was a great way to end the day spending time with them. So wonderful to see everyone!!!

Ok if you made it this far & it's still Monday please say a special prayer for Michala. Well even if it's Tuesday but hopefully by then all will be well.

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Just a "TAD" more said...

We to loved the show. All my little ones were in owe of the hole thing. Camp Sunshine dose bring joy to so many. I'm sorry I didn't see you there. God bless and you are all in our prayers. Love Toinia