Monday, February 14, 2011

From Abe's daddy

If I ever question God's plan for my life I have just been reminded that He knew all along what He was doing by bringing this man into my life. Mike wrote this letter for Abe & I asked him if I could share it. Many of you don't get to see what an incredible man he truly is. I am blessed that God created such an incredible person that along with juggling the stresses of our family's medical needs, his job that provides all our needs, my wonderful (ha) female self & he still has the patience & love to share with us. He could have easily walked away. Blessed beyond measure in so many ways! The other day when I came home crying from a shopping trip to help find a gift for Abe & he said I understand - he truly does!

Happy Birthday Abe,


One thousand and ninety five days longer than I expected. Yes I remember it well, sometimes too well.  The day you came into this world and the horror that followed. The mere thought of having to give you back right after you came was heartbreaking. Can't say that I blame you, if I saw what you were getting into, well  I might have asked to be recalled if I had a choice. After Marlee Anne was born I thought your Mom and I had gotten it right. Turned out to be  just more pain and suffering for an innocent child. You see Abe, Marlee Anne was not suppose to be the only one who would gain a playmate. Now mind you, I have never been partial to a child's gender. I would have been just as happy and proud to have raised four girls, but even so I had hopes and dreams of what the two of us could have done. The world would have not been able to contain us. Sadly I get to stand by and watch you suffer through another difficult day. I wish I could fix you and make things right. However, I am just a simple  man, incapable  of healing you, but forever able to love you. Your recent smiles and giggles have been such blessings and I believe that better things are to come. I can't  help it Abe I am just that way. I believe in the glass half full. I just know that God has a purpose for everything, not just for your life or my life, but in everything. Abe I look forward to the days ahead. There will be challenges and difficult times for sure, but we can make it. Even in the valley of the shadow of death the Lord will be with us. You see Abe I know how  the story ends. There will be an eternity of time for the realization of all of our hopes and dreams, but just not here on this Earth…… just not here.


Happy Birthday My Son!

I love you,

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Just a "TAD" more said...

Thank you for sharing with us a father who shows to one what our heavenly father shows to all of us.