Saturday, April 25, 2009

WOW! Man I hate my heart sometimes. I just take it all and have to feel it all. A trait I gladly take from my daddy but man it's tough sometimes. I was almost like a kid in a candy store or a bird set free. It was so refreshing to get out of the house with my entire family together to fellowship with others.

As we drove out to Relay in all the crazy traffic I was praying that it would be a good night. I was planning how I was going to get everyone out and to the field. Well when we parked (perfect parking place btw) Marlee Anne said here comes Leanne. Then my phone rings and it's Grace saying she is on her way to help. They get the stroller and wheelchairs out for me and everyone out. Then help me get them to the campsite. God's perfect timing!

Well I get there and get to sit. For the first year ever being at Relay I enjoyed it more than ever. I got to be the mommie of a survivor. What an amazing feeling! I have always loved being team captain and getting everything together but having that stress gone was really nice. Once I started seeing committee members I realized my heart was still there though cause I have really missed being with them and planning the event. They are an amazing group of friends. Thanks to each one of ya'll for making it the success that it was. Ya'll did an awesome job!

Miles for Michala team this year was awesome! My sister did an amazing job as team captain. My brother, nieces and nephews, aunt and cousin along with so many of the employees of Newton County Water Authority did the most wonderful job! They won top friends and family team. The t-shirts were beautifully designed by John Macquilliam. Thanks so much John! The banner was done by Martha Worley and it was awesome. Thanks Martha!

Uncle Papa and the Dalton Gang BBQ did an incredible job as always with their fried pickles, BBQ & boiled peanuts. I just realized I never got any boiled peanuts. Oh man!

Our wonderful friends at Steele Co did a great job with The Dukes of Hazard. They provided some great laughs. The also provided some delicious corn dogs!

Sheetarius and Mini Shee did an amazing job! There is going to have to be a separate email about them. Sheetarius is the 2009 Miss Relay which I think is very well deserved! Great job ya'll and thank ya'll so very much for doing so much for Relay. Can't wait to see all the pictures cause flashes were going off every where.

Marlee Anne wanted to walk around so I told her Michala and I would go with her. She played a few games along the way and we got to see some friends and family as we walked around. I just wish I could have had more time to spend with people that I never get to see any more. I miss them! We went over to the moonwalks that our friends of Affordable Moonwalk own just as Lee was eating supper. Michala kept reaching for his food. Lee fed her all of his stew. She ate every bite of it. Even later on she ate a whole BBQ sandwich. I am telling ya'll this girl is an eating machine when she wants to eat. She gets it honest.

This night was filled with emotions as Lisa had reminded me of before it started. As I walked with Mike pushing Michala for the survivor lap, Marlee Anne was right there with us and I was holding Abe. I could feel his heart racing as his seizure continued. For a minute I was taken away from the Relay and catching myself talking to God about why was this happening now. Why could we not have had at least a few hours of peace for him at least during this time. I quickly stopped and said not now satan, not ever. You are not taking this joy away from me. Michala was so excited about this night. She knew it was for her. She knows she is a survivor.

Most times the loss of her legs doesn't get to me but for some reason last night it did. Not in a bad way but as far as realizing how far she has come and how close we have come to losing her. Her precious Aflac nurse Rebekah was there with us last night. She loved Michala through those bad, hard and sick inpatient days 11 years ago. It all was just very real last night.

As we were waiting for Michala to say how long she had been a survivor our friend Robby came over and said could I take a picture for ya'll. Blown away. For Robby this was just a nice gesture he was doing for his friends. For us it was so much more than that. It meant so much to have someone take the time to do that for us. Thank you Robby! Then of course Michala's FBC fan club had to take pictures too. We can always count on Amber to be there ready with her camera. Can't wait to see those pictures too. Thanks so much ya'll for capturing these memories for us!

Michala always walks the survivor walk with our sweet friend Kylie but we couldn't find them. We were so excited when we heard Kylie say, Kylie Harris 10 year survivor. I was doing ok NOT great but ok holding back the tears. When the crowd cleared there was Kylie waiting for us. I lost it! We were able to walk with she and her sweet family then.

A special thanks to special friends Kim, Tracey and Elizabeth for volunteering to help with the CPS-3 study program. Also to all those of you that joined the study.

It was great to see so many friends but I would have liked to have more time to get to spend time with them. I enjoyed spending so much time with Abbey, Bryan, Paige, Scheree and Brandi at the Cafe and at Miss Relay. Thanks for ya'll's time to help out and walk.

I am not going to try to name names of specific people that volunteered for Miles for Michala because I am sure to leave someone out. Thanks to everyone who walked, set up, took down, served in the Cafe, did painted pet rocks, face painting and tattoos. Thanks to everyone that made donations.

We have been hearing lately how blessed we are. We are so richly blessed. So many of ya'll proved that to us last night with your love and support for our family. Thank you so very much!!!

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