Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our weekend!

Friday a lot of my day was spent thinking about Jesus on the cross. I cannot understand how God watched him suffer when he could have done something about it. Instead he allowed that to happen for a reason. A reason I will be forever grateful for because I am so not worthy. As I thought of that I thought of how I would do anything in the world not to watch Abe suffer. I want him to quite screaming out, I want his seizure to stop. For whatever reason this is part of this season of my life. That's where my battle lies at this moment. Understanding and learning from this season in my life. Right now is extremely hard to go through this.

Mike had a wonderful day at the Masters. I was so excited for him to get home and share his day with me. I love hearing about the golfers and the beauty of that amazing course. I actually just love to hear Mike talk and share his day especially when it's one he has enjoyed.

Saturday we celebrated Grammy's 70th birthday. It was so much fun seeing her so excited and surprised. It was a wonderful night with a fabulous meal cooked by Uncle Papa.

Easter Sunday tradition was broken mama said. She doesn't remember that a couple of years back two years in a row we were in Disney World. I didn't plan for everyone to come to our house for Easter because I was tired. I am physically, spiritually and emotionally exhausted! Usually I will push on past it but I just couldn't. We were invited to go to Kim's and I know I let out a huge sigh of relief not to have to plan or do anything. I missed my sister and her children but was glad to be with mom and Bryant and the Anglin clan. It was a such a beautiful relaxing day. Marlee Anne enjoyed playing with all the kids and hunting Easter eggs. She has never been involved in an Easter egg hunt that big except for at Camp Sunshine. The girls and Abe loved the attention from everyone and enjoyed a relaxing time at their second home. Everything is set up and perfect there for them. Makes life easy for us cause we don't have to pack up and move to go over there. Mike ended up taking Abe and the girls home to rest (and watch the Masters) while Marlee Anne and I stayed and played. I had a selfish moment of lying in the wonderful sun for about an hour. Talk about rejuvenating. I am ready for another week now. Well ok maybe we should just take another night for now.

Tradition should be going to buy Easter outfits and new shoes to go to church on Easter morning. Instead our morning was spent battling seizures instead of going to church. I wish this was different but once again I am realizing it's a season that we are in right now. Mike and I are used to working with the children and the youth. Right now we don't fit any where. It's hard! It's hard because we cannot leave them in class without us and we can't take them in service. I think sometime this is one of the biggest struggles for us.

I have to share a very special moment in our home this morning. The Easter bunny has never been a very big deal in our home. Several Easters were spent in the hospital with Mary Elizabeth, then one with Michala in the hospital on Easter and some we were out of town. We have just never really talked about it much. Well Marlee Anne has seen talk of the Easter bunny on TV so she has been talking about it more and been very excited. Yesterday she asked me to call the Easter bunny to make sure he knew her daddy wanted a big white chocolate bunny. Well Mike went out early this morning to get himself a big white chocolate bunny. Too funny!

Last night Kendra gave Marlee Anne a carrot to put out for the Easter bunny! Thanks Kendra!!! I was thinking ok milk and cookies for santa but a carrot for the Easter bunny. Well it had to have bite marks and leave a little piece of the carrot behind. It was cute!

Back to this morning. This is kinda long but I really want this for my memories. Mike was sitting in the kitchen while I was getting everyone's morning meds together. He asked Marlee Anne to come in there so he could talk to her. She was busy with the stuff the Easter bunny brought but she came right away. Mike said you know Easter is not about the Easter bunny. She said yes sir. He asked her if she knew what it was about. She said Jesus died on the cross and was put in the grave and on Easter he rose up. Mike asked her what the most important thing was and she said to believe in Jesus and to ask him into your heart. He said what happens when you do that. She said you will go to Heaven when you die. He asked if she knew what was Heaven. She said Jesus and God are there and everything that you want. He said what will happen to Mary Elizabeth and Michala when they get to Heaven. She said they will get to run and play. They will talk and Mary Elizabeth will sing. He said how long will you live in Heaven. She said forever. He said what will not be in Heaven. Kind of a tricky worded question cause I was trying to figure out what he meant and I could tell she was too. He said what's mommie doing. She said crying and there will be no more tears in Heaven. That is what it is all about. If I am only here on this earth for that one thing then I am glad. I am blessed! I know Mike thought he was going to have to explain a lot of the answers to her. He doesn't realize that he lives it everyday. It doesn't take sitting her down talking to her, teaching her, lecturing her. She hears his words, sees his action and knows his heart. I am blessed!

Well I am sure I have left out so much that I wanted to share. My mind and heart is still reeling from so much.

I hope that everyone's weekend was filled with blessings!

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