Friday, April 10, 2009

Abe's update

We started Abe on Keppra almost 3 weeks ago. Like with any seizure med with him right away it seemed to help. His awake times have been so much better with him being active, alert, rolling around, and squealing. We were getting better seizure control but still having seizures. I went ahead and went up to his max dose. After doing that the seizures increased. He has also started having seizures as he falls asleep. However this was also at the same time that the bad weather started coming in. I am not quick to change or increase meds when it's bad weather because we know that makes things worse for he and Michala both. After taking with Dr. Bebin in Huntsville we have decided just to leave things as they are for another week and see how things go. Hopefully the seizures will decrease and so will the need for rescue meds.

Also I talked with Mo and Atlanta has been in touch with Dr. Shoffner about Abe. None of the labs are back yet. Once those are back we will decide if the muscle biopsy is still needed. If so we will coordinate that along with his VNS surgery. The only possible complication with this is that the muscle biopsy needs to be done at Meridian Mark outpatient center which he has never been cleared for surgery at before since he is high risk. However the Atlanta docs seem to think it will be ok. The VNS hinges on him weighing 20 lbs and we are not there yet. We will discuss all this in depth before making decisions.

I just wanted to give an update since some of you have been asking. Thanks so much for your continued prayers!

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