Friday, July 04, 2008


Sorry for all the posts but I am trying to play catch up, along with keeping my mind busy.

Michala's neurologist in Alabama called to let us know that our insurance would not cover Michala having surgery at Children's in Birmingham. He doesn't do surgery in Atlanta. She did give us the name of two neurosurgeons in Atlanta. Kevin, Angie, & Rachel or anyone else that has used a neurosurgeon in Atlanta could ya'll give us the names and all the good and bad stuff please. Also I think the neurologist she is recommending is or was Morgan or Logan's neuro. I don't have the names in front of me so please give me that info too if you don't mind.

They also told us that our insurance has not been covering Michala seeing Dr. Bebin for the past 10 years. I was in shock and didn't think to ask all the important questions like will we now be billed for all this and will she no longer be able to see Michala. I hate that if it's true!

Dentist appt update!!! WOOHOO!!! Prayers work!!! Michala was such a very big girl for the first time ever. She always cries huge tears and screams. She sat up in between each thing but never cried or screamed. It was so nice! No cavities for any of the girls. Mary Elizabeth & Michala have one loose tooth. Marlee Anne has two loose teeth. WOOHOO!!! She has been waiting to lose a tooth forever. It will be a huge deal! They all have new teeth coming in. Thanks so much for your prayers!

If we didn't have such a wonderful dentist office it would have been trouble. Thankfully Dawn was working and held Abe the whole time. She helped us get in and she and Michelle our dental hygentist helped get us out. They are great. Brooke offered to go help and Scheree offered for one of the girls to go too but we actually did alright. Thanks ya'll!!!

Abe made his first visit to daddy's office that day. I just realize I didn't take a picture of him in daddy's office. Oh well we will have to reinact it.

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