Monday, July 28, 2008

Abe's surgery

Everything went good. Well except for the problems with checking his sugar and getting the IV started. The surgery itself went great. Both eyes were clogged at the top and bottoms. He has to be on his antibiotic drops for 5 days. If the infection returns they will have to put stints in his eyes to keep the ducts open. We are praying this does the trick.

Abe did well with sedation with just a little bit of drops in his oxygen. WOOHOO!!! That was huge positive for us that he handle the sedation well. Love marking those things off the list.

Here are pictures before his surgery. Thanks so much for your prayers!!!

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Anonymous said...

Praise God!! Nice to see a picture of you and Abe....(we pretty much get left out of the pics since we are the ones who like to take all the "right"

Luv you Guys!