Monday, March 10, 2008

Mary Beth!

OK not many people can relate to this I don't think cause I got some looks at the hospital when I shared it. We all have to gain comfort wherever we can and I gained a lot of it from this little computer named Mary Beth Bovine.

That early Saturday morning when we walked into Abe's room in the NICU I saw a computer with a name on it. Over the next few days I noticed more of them. After a while I started paying more attention to their names. It never failed when we were about to receive some news on test results or if I was just having a hard time with things, I would look up and sitting right outside the door in the hall was Mary Beth Bovine. May be a strange way for God to remind me that He and His angel were right there with me but it worked. I always got a special peace that I needed right then and there. There were several times when Abe was about to have a procedure done or times when I couldn't hold him that I would stand beside his bed and he would smile. I thought of Mary Beth and her being small enough to climb in that bed beside him and kiss him. She was making him smile.

This memory was shared not so much for ya'll to know this happened but for me to never forget it did. For me to always remember that God is still using this special little girl in my life.

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