Tuesday, March 18, 2008

World's Greatest NICU Doctor

That's something HUGE for me to say because I love Dr. Parks so very dearly. He is still at the top of my list. He came as soon as he heard our new baby was in the NICU too.

I do have to admit that our love for Aunt Dr. Helen (her name for Abe to call her) grew quickly. Abe came quite attached to her. She even took the time to call and check on us the day after we came home. I know she probably does that for all her patients. Abe and I like to think it was just cause it was us. Possible too to smooth things over with Marlee Anne. She was a little upset with Dr. Williams for keeping us there so long. It didn't take her long to realize that Dr. Williams is pretty wonderful to help make Abe well and get us home.

I don't have pictures of them with Abe but Dr. Adams, Dr. Cornish, and Dr. Piazza were all very special to us. Mo, Carrie and Andy were all pretty great too. I haven't forgotten about the nurses cause we could not have done without all of them. I am still working on that post.

These pictures of Abe with his Aunt Dr. Helen were taken the day we were going home. When I came back from lunch one of his nurses told me she had put his journal in his bed. My first thought was that was bad to put it in the bed with him. When I walked in his room I saw in his bed, in the spot where he should, was his journal. I walked back up to the nurses station and all the nurses are laughing and grinning. I said ok where's my baby. They all pointed to Dr. Williams. She had Abe sitting in her lap. I went back to the room to get the camera and grabbed these shots.

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