Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Birthday!

Thank you so very much to everyone for the phone calls, singing, cards, and gifts. I had the most wonderful day!

Marlee Anne has been planning my birthday for months now I think. That girl can really keep secrets. She is too funny! Aunt Kim threw a kink in the plans when she planned a trip during my birthday. She promised to work it out when she gets back and of course Marlee Anne doesn't forget a promise.

Marlee Anne didn't stay upset about that too long because Aunt Debbie called and asked her to go shopping. It was really the sweetest thing. My brother-in-law's birthday was Tuesday. To stay busy my sister decided it would be a great time to take Marlee Anne shopping for my birthday. The hardest part was that I couldn't know what was going on or where they went until last night.

This is just a quick run down of their stops. Chick-fil-A, Zachby's, Chuckie Cheese & McDonald's. Yes all in one day. They shopped Target, Kohl's, Kmart, Bath & Body Works and of course Michael's.

My scrapbooking friends will love this. My 5 year old daughter knows what a Cricut is and what a Cricut cartridge is. She knows the cartridges we have and which ones we want to have. She told Aunt Debbie that a Cricut cartridge was something she wanted to buy. Aunt Debbie ask where to go to get it. Michael's of course. Marlee Anne walks in and knows exactly where to go but she couldn't find the cartridge. They asked someone and they showed them the book to choose. Marlee Anne said we are having a baby and need the baby one. She of course picks out the right one. The New Additions one. They proceed to the check out counter and she ask for Aunt Debbie's debit card so she can swipe it. Too funny! I have another story like that to tell you but won't take up your time. I will tell it later.

My day started off with Marlee Anne fixin me breakfast. She gives me a Target bag that has the biggest box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal in it. She says mommie it's your favorite. I never knew that. In fact I had never eaten it before. Marlee Anne fix my bowl and I helped her pour the milk.

Mom brought lunch over and we had a nice "party" then as Marlee Anne said. We really had a wonderful day.

Last night Marlee Anne threw me a surprise birthday party. Originally it would have only been one guest but thanks to Aunt Debbie I ended up having 2 others that she kidnapped from work. Tracey and Ann came too and brought a delicious Baskin Robbins cake. There is even a comical story about the cake. What's so funny about this "crew" of ours is there is never a dull moment. Marlee Anne thought Aunt Debbie was coming right after 5 cause she gets off work at 5 (usually). Marlee Anne looks at the clock and it's 6:00. She plops down in the chair and says well I guess my Aunt Debbie's not coming, my day has just been ruined. LOL!!! Once they all three get there and "surprise" me they tell us that Mike kept them late in a meeting. Thankfully Granny and Papa (Mike's parents) timed it just perfect and came just in time for cake. When Michala saw the cake she knew it was truly party time.

I had to open my presents before we could have cake. The girls gave me wonderful pjs to match some pjs that they already have. They even gave me a precious little outfit for our baby boy. Then they gave me my Cricut cartridge. Mary Elizabeth was in the best mood and filled with laughs and beautiful smiles.

My wonderful sister gave me some beautiful maternity clothes. She is the stylish one in the family so when I get clothes from her you can bet I will be styling.

Since Marlee Anne was our party planner we were entertained by her and then played a game. She kept trying to think of ways to keep them here all night.

It was a wonderful day filled with lots of fun, laughs and surprises. One of my most precious keepsakes was that Marlee Anne wrote mommie on the outside of the envelope. Mike told her the letters and she did a great job writing them. YEAH!!!

Thanks again to everyone for making this day so special!


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