Friday, September 28, 2007

Trip down to Disney & MK

This trip was to include the 5 of us - well 6 of us as Marlee Anne says, Aunt Kim, Uncle Papa & Grace. Aunt Kim's surgery threw some changes in our plans. What were we going to do without the Godparents? We made it through it with some phone calls.

We ended up leaving Covington at 12:00 and arrived in Orlando at 6:45. Great timing even though we made one extra stop. The girls did great. We checked in and started getting settled. We had the "perfect" room once again. Thanks to our amazing friends for working out another wonderful trip!

Mike ran to Walmart for milk, fruit and stuff we couldn't bring with us. On the way back he stopped by Girodano's for a stuffed cheese pizza and greek salad. OH MY WORD! Thanks Tracy for recommending it. It was delicious!

We made it to bed fairly early so that we would be ready to go the next morning.

Saturday morning we were at the Magic Kingdom by 9:00. Marlee Anne & I went in to get my birthday pin. The CM was nice enough to put 25 on it. HA! That got some laughs. When we came out the dream squad was there. NO! No night stay in the castle. It was a special meet & greet with Cinderella. I just knew Marlee Anne was going to say NOT AGAIN! She smiled and told Cheryl thank you. We had to be there at 2:00.

We made a quick stop by the candy shop and that's when my camera wasn't working right. I had taken a couple of pictures before then and it worked great. We got the girls an autograph book and pen and headed for their surprise. When Marlee Anne found out we were meeting Captain Jack Sparrow she was excited. Soon Mike found out the whole excited of the meet and greet wasn't just Marlee Anne. It was mommie too. It was so very neat!

We left there and had to do Country Bears in honor of our special friend Pam. We all laughed and enjoyed it. Of course when I looked at Mike he was asleep. Too funny! After that we decided to do Tom Sawyer's Island for the first time ever. Well much to my surprise Mary Elizabeth & Michala couldn't go because you cannot take wheelchairs. The CM actually asked could they walk. Well duh! She doesn't have a leg. No I don't think so. To have the most amazing CMs in the world and then to very rarely have someone that you think WOW! OK! Mike and Marlee Anne went while the girls and I sat and had a nice little break.

Marlee Anne got a swirl ice cream that she and I shared while we sat and waitied for Michala and Mike to walk around. They even looked inside the Hall of Presidents so that Mike could get his fix of that.

We decided to do the Haunted Mansion next. We were excited and very impressed with the refurb there. The handicapped entrance was messed up and the CMs were very confused about it that day. We all enjoyed it though. For the first time ever Marlee Anne road with dad and Mary Elizabeth instead of Michala and I . When the CM asked how many I said 5. She said no mommie 6. LOL!!! It was so sweet!

We had just enough time to ride It's A Small World before meeting Cinderella. We didn't do much in Fantasyland because we knew the next day when we met our friends there we would enjoy that with them.

Our meet & greet with Cinderella was very special. The CM Cheryl that gave us the dream and the CM Kim were one of the best parts of the dream. They were both their ahead of time and really interacted great with the girls. Cheryl even gave them a $25 shopping spree for each one of the girls to get a pin.

Mike got us settled and he went to get a haircut at the Barber Shop. Michala was working that day so it was great to see him. I got the girls fed and then we headed over to watch the parade. A great spot over by the Barber Shop. I forgot to mention that there was no one in the park. I could not believe we were at MK and the crowds were that light.

After the parade we went to the Columbia Harbor House for lunch. I had a delicious salad there that I really enjoyed. Craving salads lately. Marlee Anne decided she really wanted to go to Toontown to see the characters. We went in to see Goofy, Minnie, Pluto and Donald. The photographers found out my camera wasn't working right and they all took a ton of time trying to figure out what was wrong. Finally they figured out it was the auto mechanism in the lens that's broken. It will work if the lens is on manual. I was very happy they took the time to check it out for me.

We went over to see Mickey next. By far one of the most amazing experiences we have ever had with Mickey. They cleared the room and it was just us, Mickey and two wonderful CMs Scott & ???? I have her name written down. Mickey was amazing with the girls. His interaction with them was great. After they had pictures made and we had family pictures made, Marlee Anne wanted me to have a birthday picture with him by myself. She got Mary Elizabeth and pushed her out of the way. Mickey was so thrilled with her being such a big helper. He gave her some very special pins. He asked the girls ages and Mike said another one on the way. He asked if it was a boy and we all proudly said yes. He asked the girls names. Then Marlee Anne said we can name the boy Mickey. Of course Mickey was thrilled. It would truly be a fitting name for our family. Marlee Anne asked Mickey what he was going to be for Halloween. He told her a scarecrow. She told him we would be at his party the next night. Mickey was thrilled and said to be sure to come see him.

We went to meet Mike's sister, brother-in-law & children. We all rode Buzz Lightyear together then headed towards the front to leave before the Spectro crowd. We stopped by to let Marlee Anne pick out the three pins for them. A very special Chip & Dale wearing Mickey ears, Fab five & Incredibles. I love the Tink pin that said Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust. Maybe I will get that one for myself before we leave.

On to the monorail to head back to our home away from home.

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