Friday, March 16, 2007

Michala is joining the circus!

I know as ya'll read the subject of this post ya'll were thinking Michala has the opportunity to be part of Camp Sunshine Day at Big Apple Circus or maybe even a special part in the Shrine Circus. Well no not really. Those of you that already know this story bare with me or just hit delete.

Monday night I was at my Relay For Life meeting. My cell phone rings. It said home. Well we never call each other in situations like that unless it's very important or an emergency. My heart skipped. When I answered it Mike said you need to come out of your meeting. Everything and anything flashed through my mind. I will start by telling you what I think Mike should have told me first - Everyone is ok. VERY important! Instead he skips that part.

Mike says, Marlee Anne comes running in the den laughing telling me to come see Michala. He walks into the dining room and Michala is on top of the dining room table swinging from the chandelier. Not hanging from it swinging from it. Mike was still laughing when he called me. He said he wish he had the camera near by to take a picture for Shriners Hospital. Of course I am thinking what a neat scrapbook page that would make.

We will soon be having a going away party for Michala as she goes to join the circus.

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Disney Scrapper said...

Hey, dancing on the table and swinging form the light fixtures is a good thing...go Michala go (lol). Tell Mike next time to take a pic.