Wednesday, March 21, 2007


OK I was prepared to write a long wonderful post about this. I will have to say that Cyndi and I truly do have an amazing friendship. It's truly blessed by God. They just fit here. It's a true friendship when you don't have to work so hard at it. No Cyndi I still haven't taken your pictures yet. I will get them done though. I promise. Her scrapbooking techniques can be quite annoying because she actually puts pictures on the pages AND within a resonable amount of time. How sick is that.

Cyndi has done such a wonderful job detailing our visit that I will just send you to her blog. She added some really nice comments about me too. Those that know me well please do not tell her any different. She will find out soon enough. LOL!!! Cyndi's blog.

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Disney Scrapper said...

I will not believe anything negative they say anyway (lol). Lubs you my friend.