Tuesday, July 28, 2015

To My Baby Boy

A year ago when God called you home my life changed forever. That day I thought I would never smile or laugh again. Somedays it's hard to breathe and it's evident to me that it is God within me breathing. 

Someone said God needed you but your daddy reminds me God didn't need you because He doesn't need any of us but He wanted you just like He wants all of us. I am thankful as I struggle to function that He still wants me. 

My memories of you Abraham Thomas make me smile. There are times when there are tears but that's because I miss you so very much. 

You are missed. Because you touched so many lives in your six years here your memory goes on. I love to talk about you. Your daddy and especially your sissy are so very good about doing that. 

My precious boy I pray that you know I love you. I miss holding you at 2:00 AM while you had a seizure. I never understood that when my friend told me that but now I do. Because of you Abe I am a better person. I look at life so differently because of you. I know how to be more patient, I forgive more
easily and I love more. I rely on God more, my faith is stronger and I am working on giving myself more grace. Thank you for making me a better me. 

Saying thank you for blessing my life for six years seems so trivial but as I think of your life and how much love was packed into six years I am so grateful. Proof once again that God knows what He is doing.  

Please give your sister, your brother, Granmama, Ging, & Uncle Tommy a hug for me. Remind them that I love them and tell them I will see them soon. Enjoy your time with Jesus while getting our mansion ready. Your daddy is still taking good care of us and reminding us how the story ends. 

I love you sweet boy,

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